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fish oil brands

What’s a good, reliable brand of fish oil caps? I’ve used Dale Alexander, but they’re expensive. What’s everyone’s opinion on the GNC brand? I’ve seen both Fish Oil Capsules as well as Salmon Oil caps at the local outlet. Is there a difference?

Member’s Mark from Sam’s Club are good quality. John Berardi and a few others have recommended them.

Skip the GNC brand–they’re weak. Only 300mg of combined EPA/DHA. A more affordable brand is Pure Encapsulations “EPA/DHA essentials.” A half gram per cap.

Vitamin World has an eponymously branded fish-oil capsule with the highest amount of combined EPA/DHA I’ve seen, but they’re expensive compared the the Maker’s Mark brand NateDogg recommended – you can get the Maker’s Mark gelcaps in bottles of 300 for $6.99 (at least that’s the price in Nashville). Even though you get more EPA/DHA per cap in the Vitamin World brand, you still get more doses for the money with the Maker’s Mark brand.

Do these fish oil caps have a good shelf life at room temp?

I mean, isn’t there a higher chance for oxidation of the stuff isn’t refrigerated?

People, people, people… get the liquid shit! It’s sooooo much cheaper and easier than capsules! 12 oz. of Dale Alexander Cod Liver Oil is only $8.99 at the Whole Foods market near my house. That’s over 23 one tablespoon servings, each of which contains three GRAMS of EPA and DHA.

Try some coromega. mm good.
Tastes like orange. comes in individual packets. Kind of expensive but well worth it.

Dude thanks! I did not know cod liver oil had DPA/EHA, seriously, I can save some serious money(I am in university).

A word of caution with liquid cod liver oil. Watch out for the high vitamin A content as it’s toxic to the liver. Grace and Peace.