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Fish Oil As Allergen?

Hello All,

I think I am having some food allergy issues and am going to put myself on a pretty strict elimination diet to get them straightened out. I am thinking nothing but grilled chicken and broccolli for two weeks.

Can anyone tell me to what degree fish oil/EFA supplements might be an allergen? Would they be safe to take while doing this elimination diet?



Is there something that is making you think you’re allergic to a specific food?

Thanks for your reply.

I am showing some of the typical signs such as gastric distress, but am starting to suspect some of the other health problems I have experienced for a while. Headaches, skin problems, and others. After reading the other thread about a whey allergy I relate to some of those symptoms as well. I am having trouble pinning it down to specific food through just observation, though, and I think a hardcore elimination diet is the only way to get it sorted out.


get a real allergy test done at a doctor’s office. i dont know that they specifically test for shit like fish oil and protein whey, but if they find you allergic to NOTHING or if you’re allergic to 75% of the planet, it may help with the logic of deducing if its a true allergy or just a bad reaction to something.

ask the doctor that though, not us, we can only guess. for all i know they really can test for fish oil and protein allergies.