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Fish Oil and Vitamin C Timing


OK to take anytime? even right before gym?

I also take magenium but dont take before gym because makes me sleepy.


Fish oil with your regular meals. Some say save it for later in the days, as you're likely to burn it off quickly with breakfast.

As for vitamin C, whenever. You could save it for post-workout for it's potential cortisol lowering effects, plus it's a good anti-oxidant to combat the free-radicals.

Or just take 'em when you remember. No reason to make yourself nuts.


It think you should not use vit.C and creatine in the same drink, because of the acidity of the vit. c.
Don't consume fish oil before or after the workout, since it's used as an energy source then.


I keep these things away from my workouts now - fish oil blunts the inflammation response which is key to initiating anabolism, and antioxidants have been shown to actually curb some of the health benefits of exercise.


I believe this information has been taken out of context.

Since fish oil is obviously fat soluble, it's going to remain in your system long after you take it. Thus, you'd need to not use it for a week or two to eliminate its anti-inflammatory properties.

The single study that you're likely referring to regarding the effects of anti-oxidants and exercise looked at specific anti-oxidants at specific levels. The biggest conclusion that can be reached from this study is that more research is appropriate.


alright thanks, exactly what i wanted to know.

so i will most likely just take em whenever i remember. i dont take creatine right now so not concerned with acitidy.


I take Vit C before bed