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Fish Oil and Vit. E From Soy Beans

I’m thinking about ordering some fish oil caps, their EPA & DHA content is around 52% combined, which is a whole lot more than in most of the products I see here. They have 10mg of Vitamin E in each 1000mg dose, and the E comes from soybeans. Would it still be a good idea to order them, considering the Vitamin does come from soy?

Generally, I believe, the issue with soy isn’t the extracted oils…

You might take a look at Flameout in the store here.

but no the phytoestrogens should not be in the oils but not an oil im running to supplement with.


Great, thanks for the replies.
Problem with Flameout is I’m overseas and the shipping costs might get quite high… I have to ask around though if anyone has experience.