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Fish Oil and the Male Libido


Is there any effect on the latter from the former?

Up until a month ago, 90% of my efa's came from flax oil, olive oil, natty pb, and omega eggs. I have since added fish oil caps to the regimen, NOW SUPER EPA to be exact. After a week of steady use, I began to notice a steady decline in my 'interest'. All the equipment still functions properly (albeit less frequently), but the drive has been lacking. I didn't immediately think anything of it until the drive loss continued for more than a week. This is when I began suspecting a potential fish oil connection since nothing else has materially changed in my diet, sleep, or workout patterns.... is this a coincidence or a possible connection?

Critque My Diet and Training

I have taken 6 to 9 grams of Fish Oil per day for about four years and have not seen that effect.

If I were you I would have my T levels checked!


I'm with Zeb...I've been taking 12-16 grams per day for a long time, and I've never had a lapse in that area.

Alpha Male or RED KAT I'm sure would help you kick your T level back up.


Are u sure it's nothing externally that's disrupting things, stress, poor sleep, a girlfriend you dont fancy no more?!


Not discounting your concerns, but it's probably a coincidence. Lots of things can cause a transient effect on libido (e.g. stress, alcohol, sleep etc...). I highly doubt that Fish-oil is the culprit.


I use fish oil too, but havent noticed what you are suggesting one bit.


Hmmmm..... I was taking 10 grams of fish oil daily (30% efa's). After about two months I began to experience severe trouble maintaining the "pole". Never thought about the connection.

Used Alpha Male and it helped for a while, then it started to be less effective. By chance, along the way I stopped taking the fish oil. This was about 45 days ago. I didn't purposely stop; it just kinda happened because I started supplementing with co-Q10 (for my heart, take Zocor for triple by-pass three years ago) and N-acetyl cysteine (annocdotal evidence it helps psoriasis).

Anyway, I had trouble fitting the fish oil in with the other stuff, and just kinda stopped.

Low and behold the "pole" has returned. Was it the fish oil??? I have no idea, but I have in the past week just started the fish oil again so it will be interesting to see....



There was a whole thread around 4/5/6 months ago about fish oil being used in conjunction with niacin to RESTORE and MAINTAIN male function. I don't recall the scientific term, but it was right down this alley. Find it in the "Sex and the Male Animal" forum.

Hope this helps,


I've actually been sleeping better than usual over the past month.

I'm not stating that fish oil kills libido. More or less posing the question whether or not fish oil can affect people in different ways similar to other supplements.


I am currently taking 5-12 fish oils a day, and haven't noticed ANY difference in my libido. In warmer months I usually ingest about double the amount during wintertime just because it's how I roll... anyways, if it does bring down libido, I'd be scared as hell to see how horny I'd be in the warmer months with all the pretty girls runnin around in short skirts and swimsuits... yowsa... booty shorts... whoa...

ps. I doubt there's a correlation, i've never noticed one.


I read an article today in the USA Today that fish oil is harmful to people with irregular heartbeats. Something to be aware of.


As stated in the article, the data is contrary to four previous studies. I have personally suffered with PVC's all of my adult life, and have found fish-oil to be VERY beneficial in alleviating the frequency. This coincides with a previous study. Again, it probably depends on the type of arrhythmia/disturbance and the overall health of the heart....


I always heard that fish oil acts like a natural blood thinner and should actually help with maintaining good wood...


I experimented witht his twice in the past 6 months.

Trial 1-6g's of fish oil per day

Trial 2-4 months later, 3 g's of fish oil daily


'Done' meaning gone?


Hi. This comment is really just suggestion/question regarding this issue. Please excuse me and put me straight if I'm off the mark. I have a mild loss of drive too, however this has also been during a cutting phase, when I have cut total cals and although aiming to reduce carbs mainly, I've come to the realisation that I've also inadvertendly considerably reduced total & sat fat intake, while increasing flax and fish oils. Could it be that I'm now lacking in saturated fat intake, and this is the real reason for loss of drive and apparent link to fish oils? I'm going to try throwing in a can of cocunut milk in replace of another meal.




Hmm - methinks its because you may stink like fish and your GF doesn't want anything to do with you which makes you not want anything to do with her - tit for tat !

J/k - I take fish oil caplets everyday for the past year and a half.



I would think so. Saturated fat (though not excessive consumption) is important for normal hormone functioning. Add some eggs and beef to your diet, and see what happens. Just not too much.


On the contrary, I've experienced nothing but good effects of fish oil on the male libido.