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Fish Oil and Tendonitis


a few days ago i was lifting really heavy to try and figure out my max lifts and i maxed out on deadlift, bench, and rows. the follwing day my elbows were hurting a bit, my left elbow more than my right. i think its tendonitis. it hurts at the base of my bicep right by the elbow if i bring my forearm to my bicep and squeeze it hard.

right now im only taking 4 Flameout caps per day for fish oil but i was planning on buying some regular caps that are 180mg epa/120mg dha to supplement the Flameout to up the EPA content of all the fish oil? would more DHA or EPA help with tendonitis?


From what I've gathered in here, you want to be aiming for something like 2g epa/dha a day. I had a similar injury not long ago, don't aggravate that shit or you might be looking at a cortisone shot and time away from the gym


Do you keep your elbows taut when deadlifting?

Rest your elbow for a few days, then test it with light weights. It may not be as bad as you think.


Ive got tendonitis in both elbows and both knees. I would like to say you may want to take a couple weeks off and really ice that elbow. You do not want it to get worse believe me its not fun


yeah i keep them straight. it all started when i was doing heavy skull crushers and bicep curls. i remember that workout my triceps near the base where the elbow is where very stiff and pumped, then the next day it hurt a little. then it went away and when i did my max it came back. it honestly doesnt bother me at all, its just that i know its there, thats what bothers me.


4 caps of Flameout has 2200mg DHA/880mg EPA. whats a cortisone shot?


Not fun indeed!

In 2009 I suffered through 9 months of severe elbow and knee tendinitis (couldn't lift at all).
Then again it came on in 2011 in my knees for 5 months. Terrible setback in the gym. Still trying to climb back to my previous progress levels. Taking it very slow.


I've got a nasty case of medial epicondylitis right now, pretty much from being a complete idiot and doing WAY too many chin-ups/pull-ups and bicep exercises. Joining a rock climbing gym certainly hasn't helped matters either.

I've doubled my dosage of fish oil and it hasn't done much. I'm taking it easy these days and have removed most bicep and pulling exercises from my routine, which sucks, but certainly beats the alternative (cortisone shots)


I have suffered from tendonitis in my elbow, which was especially painful whilst benching and dipping. I bought some elbow sleeves and upped my fish oil dose to 6 caps (around 350mg EPA/ 500mg DHA)

This combination eased the pain and I was able to return to benching and dips relatively fast.


Not fun indeed!

In 2009 I suffered through 9 months of severe elbow and knee tendinitis (couldn't lift at all).
Then again it came on in 2011 in my knees for 5 months. Terrible setback in the gym. Still trying to climb back to my previous progress levels. Taking it very slow.[/quote]

Oh man yours seem a lot more severe then mine. My patellar tendonitis started during basketball season and I was unable to play for the last half of the season. It sucked sitting there on the bench fully clothed having people from other teams stoked because they knew there best rebounder/shot blocker was out. Then again I figured I had rested long enough and my inflammation was way down enough that I could do track. Of course I do long jump, triple and the 4x100 and after my first meet I was done and out for the rest of the track season. This ruined any attempt at scholarships for basketball or track and field. Then after taking a break for a very long time I started hitting up the gym again and got tennis elbow. I feel for you however I should have been smarter and just took a break


Tendonitis is miserable. A few months ago I developed Achilles Tendonitis/Tendonopathy in both ankles. Long story short -- when you recognize the symptoms of tendonitis, TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY. This may mean laying off, which is hard to do, but trust me it's worth it. I've started drinking green tea, returned to taking fish oil, put curry on my chicken -- anything with anti-inflammatories. No miracles yet, my right AT is at 95% but the left is at %50. Just being patient, no more running (extremely frustrating).


Soft tissue work was all that helped mine.
Avoided extension work, arms shrunk which was depressing...
I started being more deliberate with my curls, focusing on muscles not the weight, not locking out etc.


Go nuts on the Flameout then. Maybe double the dose for a short period?

Cortisone is a steroid, injected (by a doctor) into problematic areas, in small doses, to remove inflammation and promote healing. Shit is magical, but not a long term fix. I'm still doing stretches and band work the physio gave me, 2 months later


id rather not use more Flameout because its more expensive. once im done with the bottles i have im gonna megadose regular caps. 30 grams will give me 3600mg DHA/ 5400mg EPA more DHA and much more EPA for cheaper.


Shots, losing out on scholarship opps is WAY worse a situation than mine! You lost that shot never to have it return.
I'm just an old dude with a tendency for tendinitis. At least I know the signs now and will try to avoid it in the future.


Google or Pubmed eccentric loading for tendinopathy.


ok good recommendations all around, up the fish oil, and rest. Add in a supplement called cissus, its EXCELLENT and greatly reduces any tendonitis i have. It flares up if i go off it but on it i feel great.



Tendonitis blows. I developed it Feb. 2010 on the top of my right foot. Long story short - 2 series of PT that helped somewhat. It went from a constant pain to an intermittent piercing pain. Finally broke down and got two cortisone shots in Oct. 2010. Then I had a extremely vivid "Why didn't I do this 5 months ago?" moment. Stretching and foam rolling also helps.

Oh, the fish oil. I take it regularly anyway so I didn't notice anything different because of the fish oil.


Does anyone notive benefit from taking Glucosamine with tendonitis??


None for me.

Oddly, eating cucumbers seemed to lessen the pain on a given day I was eating them. Same with chipotle peppers. Nice relief, but not a cure.

My last bout with knee tendinitis lasted 5 months... until I went to see a deep muscle manipulation doctor. He said it was because my knees were off-track, so he manipulated them into place! I was squatting again 2 days later... after 5 months of inability to do any quad work!