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Fish Oil and Knee Pain

Hello, I had a problem with knee pain, so three years ago I started taking fish oil. At first I took 3 caps per day, it helped, but bumped it up to 8 caps per day as I found at this level my knees felt flawless.

Just recently I stopped taking the fish oil completely… Its been a week since Ive been off the oil, and my knees still feel like when I was taking 8 caps of oil, no change whatsoever.

Is it possible my knees have healed, or the effects of so many years of fish oil are still lingering, and the knee pain will return in time?

Just wait and see. If your knee starts hurting again, bump up the dose as little as possible so you can find the best $/performance that you can.

I just stay on fish oil no matter what really. I’ll go off for a couple of weeks between shipments but most of the time it’s in my fridge.

Why are your knees hurting in the first place?

My knees got bad from improper technique when starting weightlifting