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Fish Oil and Joints

Just got this back from my mom:

“Wanted to tell you that I followed your advice on the Fish Oil. Have been taking it instead of the Glucosamine and have noticed a big difference in the joints in my hands. I just added it then after several weeks when I noticed my hands weren’t aching as much, decided to drop the glucosamine. So far so good. Thanks for the recommendation.”

I had her take 6g a day.

Thought that was a pretty good testimonial.

good for her.

nice. I’m taking 5-6g per day myself, I think… 5-6 Flameout per day. I try to get around 4,000mg DHA per day.

I’ve definitely noticed positive effects on my overall joint health since I’ve started to take DHA in highish doses (5g/day). I’m not exactly sure yet, but I also feel as though my skin has improved in the meantime. I have dry skin that tends towards mild eczema, but this has almost entirely cleared up.

Go fish oil!