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Fish Oil and Insulin?

Just a quick question about Omega 3’s.

I’m under the understanding that it’s good to have insulin levels high directly after a workout by consuming complex carbs to help with shuttling the protein to the muscles. I’m also under the understanding that Omega 3’s help stop insulin from spiking or dropping rapdily.

My question is, should I not take my fish oil with my protein powder and simple carbohydrates right after my workout to allow my insulin to spike more or is that not even close to how it works and I’m asking the wrong question?

In general fish oils will lead to greater insulin sensitivity in the long term a Positive. Not so much a huge impact by a single serving on a single meal but compounded over time a few grams of Fish oils IMO is a fine addition to your PWO regime


Cool. Thanks for the answer.

They are great for you and will improve sensitivity, although they will lower the insulin response to that meal though, maybe take them at a different time if you can to get the full effect from the simple carbs.