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Fish Oil and Green Tea For Seniors


Hello everyone,
I'm planning to introduce my granddad to green tea capsules and fish oil. He's 75+ and I would like the opinion of you folks. As we've heard, too much of anti-oxidants can be counter-productive, and fish oil can also cause oxidative damage.

What are your thoughts? Is there any benefit at such age? I'm hoping the fish oil will reduce the joint pain and green tea can provide some anti-oxidative benefits.

Thanks in advance.



I don't see why he would not benefit from this - probably can't hurt, might do some good. I would recommend these to anyone at any age. For green tea, I'd buy the genuine article, not the rubbish powdered "toot" that's sold at the local supermarkets.

The interesting point will be whether Granddad can cope with these new tastes after all this time - assuming he's not tried them before? That might be a challenge. Good luck to you and especially your Granddad. :slight_smile:



A friend of mine is 85 years old, and I talked him into trying fish oil to help with the arthritis in his knees. He was reluctant at first, but now he's walking better than he has in years, and he says he feels much better too. Hopefully your grandfather will give it a try too.


I think the fish oil is a great addition.

After many years of watching my grandparents struggle with the typical aches and pains, I suggested fish oil and they've been consistently feeling better ever since.

The only problem I've encountered is actually getting my Grandmother to take it, or any pills for that matter. She's a stubborn one!

But, yeah, I think it'd be a good choice.

I can't really think of any problems with the grean tea either, but, it might be best to just start with one and take it from there.

Hope this helps!


Thanks everyone for the feedback. Personally, I've been taking fish oil and green tea for a while but I'm a bit apprehensive about giving it to older folks.

Specfically, does the fish oil pose any problems as it can be oxidized pretty quickly?




How can a Billion and half people be wrong? China and Japan go nuts on the real stuff, the green tea itself. They also eat a lot oa raw fish, aka sashimi. By the way, Japanese are notorious smokers and yet have an much lareger life expectancy than Americans. Wonder why?



Don't forget glucosamine and chondroitine.


lol watch out with this claim or proof. Same lines used to support soy consumption.


I don't know why fish oil's (and most every unsaturated oil) oxidative capacity would cause any problems in older adults. Or younger adults for that matter. You only really run into problems when the oil is older and has been exposed to heat or light and oxygen, as these cause it to go rancid and slide down the scale from Very Healthy to Toxic. Coincidentally, nearly all commercial oils are processed in the presence of extreme heat and lots of oxygen. Opaque packaging and a cool dry place to store it will keep it fresher. Udo's choice wouldn't be a bad idea either; I actually find the taste rather pleasant in the place of butter as a condiment. Decent fish oil caps will do well too.

The tea is also a great idea - I agree about going for the real stuff, not the Celestial Seasonings or whatever junk. Tastes better and has more of the antioxidative compounds in it. If he's a little turned off by the taste, a little cream and sugar isn't going to kill him either. I think he's beyond the age of caring about keeping that six pack in perfect condition.



Have him take some vitamin C if you are worried about the fat oxidating.

Green tea can be stimulating, so have him take it in the beginning of the day.

Both are very good, low-risk supplements. Green tea's thermogenic effect also is good for seniors, who fat is even worse for than the rest of us.


Nick and Chubs: The type of evidence you're talking about is called "epidemiological" and has some value but not the actual cause-and-effect kind. So in a sense you both have a point.

Oh, and I agree with greater caution among the elderly. Gastro-intestinal tolerance is lower. Cardiovascular effects are worthy of note. Starting much smaller than a young person would is prudent.

Having said that, I've seen older persons, including family members, improve in mobility and mood after working up to 3 "enteric coated" FO capsules daily (about a gram EPA+DHA). And my own mum now has better sleep by replacing her after lunch coffee with green tea.