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Fish Oil and Flaxseed Oil?


hey all i'm rather new to supplements and everything and i was hoping somebody can tell me exactly what fish oil and flaxseed oil does. it seems a lot of people are taking them and i just want to see if maybe i should be taking them too. thanks a lot.


An honest newbie question. Very refreshing.

Fish Oils provide EFA's, or Essential Fatty Acids. These promote a whole buttload of things and really should be a staple in every man, woman, child, dog, cat, horse, iguana, treefrog, etc. diet. You can get these multiple ways.

Flameout, from this site, is a great source- when it's in stock. (seriously guys- what's the deal already???) Or just go get whatevery is the cheapest at Wal-mart. I suggest you get a "fish" oil that is a combination of different types, rather than a specific one. Flaxseed oil is just an alternative. I don't really know the benefits of one over the other. Surely others will respond.


There are plenty of posts on the site about these. The search engine should be your best friend.

Both Fish and Flax oil are sources of Omega 3's, the main difference being that Fish Oil contains the EPA/DHA components in the Oil, whereas Flax contains Alpha Linolenic (sp?) Acid, which is converted in the body to EPA/DHA so and after conversion a serve of flax contains less EPA/DHA that the same size serve of fish oil.

Both have other benefits as well so I would suggest seeking out some of the articles on this site from the authors that know more about the subject.