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Fish Oil and Diet Help


I'm looking to go out and get a fish oil over the weekend. Right now I'm looking at Norwegian Cod Oil both pill and liquid. Are there any others that are good? Where is Flameout sold?

Now to the real question: trying to lose fat
I go to a boarding school and I can do a decent diet. Usually some eggs for breakfeast, sandwhich stacked with meat for lunch, and some type of protien at dinner. All throughout the day I drink water only. The thing is, what kind of snacks could I go out and buy that would help me in the snack portions. I'm looking for snacks that could help with a modified version of the T-Dawg 2.0. I'm on a limited spending budget. I'm going to start doing the Waterbury Summer Project workout.

I'm 6'1ish and 207.

If you guys need anything more let me know. I can do a more in-depth description of my diet later when I have some free time.

Thanks guys


If you're on a budget, i'd just get the cheapest thing you can find for fish oil. For me, it's the big pack at costco. Keep an eye out that what you want to measure is the amount of combined EPA/DHA in each pill or dose. A "typical" fish oil pill is about 300mg. Flameout is over 2 times as concentrated.

As for your diet, are you trying to lose fat, gain muscle mass, maintain, or what? Do you have to pay out of pocket for food at the boarding school?


I'm trying to lose fat. And the cafeteria is only open for the normal 3 meals. I dont' have to pay out of pocket for those meals but I do for snacks. So I was just wondering what kind of snacks would be good for a diet. Like i know that nuts are good, but is there any type that's that much better than the others.


RiteAide sells 1000mg (standard) 500 capsule bottles for around $25. Its buy one get one so you end up getting 1000 caps at $25, which is one of the best deals I've seen. I personally take 5 a day.


If you're trying to lose fat AND you're broke, just don't eat snacks outside the three meals, and try to pick the best option among those three.


Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll look around at GNC and the VitaminShoppe this weekend


Hi buddy.
i live in Australia and I buy the mega fish oil tablets, which are 1500mg in size compared to the normal 1000mg. That way I only have to sink 3 capsules and its like having 4.5 normal capsules.
For your snack why dont you just make an extra sammich at lunchtime and pack it in to your bag so you can eat it for mid-afternoon snack.
For your mid-morning snack, why dont you buy some bulk almonds or cashews and have a handful of nuts.
Post some pics and I can maybe be more specific on your diet requirments and training program.
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i think fish oil is highly over rated for fat loss purposes.

it is good for cardiovascular health and possibly prevents some forms of cancer.


Thanks D Public.

theBird, those suggestions are great, i haven't thought about the sammich mid-day snack, so simple, yet it slipped me. I'll work on getting you those pics tomorow. when I have more time and it's day out

Thanks again for all of the help guys


Fish oil may be over rated for its fat loss effects, but its other effects are anything but!!
I take fish oil more for joint and mental health.
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You sure it's working?

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