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Fish Oil and Blood Thinning?

Isn’t fish oil supposed to have blood thinning effects? I always thought it wise to take fish oil while on trt because of that. Also, I used to take the liquid version of Nordic Naturals. Wondering if I should resume that now that I’m back on T.

Do you mean thin your blood like reduce HCT? (red blood cells)
My HRT doc put me on 3000-4000 fish oil to improve my lipids, raise my HDL, lower triglicerides, and LDL.

Yes like reduce HCT. I was told it mildly reduces viscosity of the blood.

And as far as raising HDL, I had a dr tell me that extra virgin olive oil can help with that. And it seems to have helped. My HDL went up since my last test and I was doing a tablespoon in the morning and at night. So I’m assuming it was the olive oil?

How did that pan out?



And to be honest I did more than just add fish oil.
No more omega 6 oils(sunflower, corn, soybean). Cook in Coconut oil. I use Olive oil and braggs applecider vinager on my salads. Supplements are CoQ10, K and D3

Interesting. Kudos for kicking into touch the omega 6 seed oils, much more effective than fish oil on its own.

One the better measurements for heart health is TG:HDL ratio. Yours is now 1.5 (if I have done the conversion properly).

For your interest, after the best part of 6 months on carnivore last year my LDL was high enough to qualify for statins. Yet my TG:HDL ratio was 0.7. This personally demonstrated the absurdity of demonising saturated fat.

I know I still have room for improvement. And I’m working on it. Also, I don’t believe I’ve had VLDL checked. I’ll have to look into that. Your tests look good.

Back to the original question. I don’t think fish oil will reduce your HCT%
I believe the fastest way to reduce that is to donate whole blood. Is your HCT high? Like over 50%?
Most natty guys don’t usually have HCT issues only guys pushing the TRT+ range does their blood thicken up fast.

Looks like HCT is within the norm. Years ago when I was first started T, I do remember the dr telling me that my RBC were rising consistently and he lowered me to 50mg per week and a few months later a test showed RBC normal. Since then I’ve had no problem.

Ok so if if goes high again I’ll start donating. Got it. Thanks.

Those are good blood numbers. Those lipids don’t look too bad either. Besides adding fish oil do you plan on doing anything else or have you already improved your diet to get your current numbers?

I had to donate a lot of blood in my first 2 years 150mg/w ran my HCT to 52% in 6 months. I had to donate blood 3 times a year to keep my HRT clinic off my butt.

Is your TT/FT in a good place with just 50mg/w?

I am currently on 80mg/w to try and get my E2 back in range without an AI and my SHGB out of low range. I’d like to see it back around 20+.

I have no idea why but I have become super E2 converter. I think my very low SHGB has something to do with it. Here is my TT/FT/E2/SHGB on 100mg T cyp/w. Without anastrozole. It is crazy.

A little history: I have been on TRT for over 7 years and this just started about 1.5 years ago. My original TRT dose was 150/w but that was too high and they dropped me to 125 and I ran that for many years.

Just to correct…I’ve been back at 100mg for a few months now. But while on 50mg for this fee months I noticed the benefits of T pretty much vanished and yes the TT did go down as I remember.

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Can I ask you, when you started converting to E2 did you notice any gyno? Mood changes?

I do have water weigh gains and mood swings(mostly sad) which does not help when you suffer from General Anxiety Disorder and take benzo for it.
As for Gyno. I monitor my prolactin and it is always mid range.
So no gyno it takes both to be over range for quite a while for real gyno to start growing.

Blood thinners as they are colloquially referred to as typically function by impairing the ability of platelets to perform primary haemostasis. A fancy way of saying make a blood clot.

I believe fish oil has effects on platelet activity as well. Interestingly this idea if I recall correctly has origins in the Inuit peoples of Alaska and Greenland who ate nothing but fish and blubber yet allegedly had a lower incidence of coronary disease. I’ve never verified this but could be true.

Anyways fish oil is not reducing HCT. No impediment to erythropoiesis. HCT should be normal.

@oglebee blubber pure saturated fat yet we don’t hear stories of them with early heart conditions.
There is so little we seem to know about nutrition. Over the years I have heard so many conflicting positions from the medical profession. Whole eggs are bad, oh now they are good. Diastolic blood pressure is all that really matters. Oh, systolic is now important. Coffee’s bad for you, Oh coffees good for you. Pot will rot your brain and you will become a heroin addict. Give me a break.

Well if thats how you feel than thats how you feel.

Nice to know we have someone as educated, intelligent and accomplished as you on these boards though.

What are some of your other amazing life accomplishments asides from being a master of science and engineering?

And being so bearishly handsome.

@ oglebee Are you in the medical professor?