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Fish Oil and Beer?


I dont do this often, but occasionally I allow myself a beer at dinner time. I also take my fish oil at dinner time.
Would downing my fish oil with beer be counter-productive??
Im not aware of any interactions beer would have with fish oil.

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beer is counter productive to physique goals at any time. it probably doesn't make much of a difference, but you could move the fish oil to lunch or later in the evening if you wanted. personally, i would just enjoy the beer and carry on as usual.


I can't imagine how that would interfere. Fish oil is a food substance, not a "supplement". seems like something very insignificant to worry about.


there are HUUUUGE complications with beer and fish oil.

I suggest putting the fish oil up your butt to avoid the nasty ramification beer+fish oil take on your body.


No no no, you take the beer rectally to take advantage of the superior absorption, and take the fish oils orally.


What happens when you mix fish oil and beer?


Simultaneous fish burps and beer belches.


Birds shouldn't indulge in fish oil and beer.


Dude, talk about nasty burps!

Seriously though, I'm sure people who have a drink or two with their meals get along just fine, even if they're eating salmon or any other high Omega fat containing food. While I've always heard that the alcohol content of beer (not the actual macro breakdown) will inhibit GH response for up to 48 hours, your digestive system should continue working just fine.



search for The Don Frye Diet, is the best diet ever.

based on steaks with beer


^ This!

Actually, it is always best to take fish oil with meals (beer alone doesn't count as a meal).


No wonder I wasnt a mass monster between 18-26. I was going out and having an additional 5 meals of liquid bread 4 nights a week. No wonder I never got anywhere despite my weekend refeeds...