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fish oil alone for a good o-3:o-6 ratio?

We all know that it’s best to minimize omega-6 fatty acids, and to maintain a good ratio of omega-3:6s. Since we get Omega-6s in protein sources and nuts, most of us use flax oil to improve this ratio.

But fish oil provides EPA and DHA which convert to the most potent omega-3s. Can we forego most of our flax and use a large quanity of fish oil to adjust our omega-3:6 ratio to an optimal level for health and body composition?

Decreasing our flax consumption in favor of monounsaturates would cause less pro-oxidative damage. It also might be a little more convenient.

The Dr. Serrano interview reawakened my curiosity on this matter. Anybody looked into it?

I would be very interested to find this out as well. I’ve heard suggestions of 1 tbs of flax per 50 lbs of bodyweight, and too much fish oil could be bad.(Not too much as in 90% of my diet, but 30g of DHA or EPA.

Wouldn’t me taking nearly 10 g of DHA/EPA through fish oil, then adding flax to it, further compound how much I’m getting?