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Fish Oil ...Again!


i know alot of people will probably try and refer me to other threads or articles, but if instead someone could give me a simple lo-down on this whole thing in 1 sentence id be very happy ;]

by the way i do eat fish, but its not always an option so i need this backup!

two products:

Ingredient Per Serving (4 caps)
Total Free Fatty Acids 4625 mg
DHA 2200 mg
EPA 880 mg
CLA t10, c12 212 g
CLA c9, t11 140 mg


High Potency Fish Oil:
Per capsule:

Fish Body Oil Concentrate
Providing Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Saturates 88mg
Mono-unsaturates 143mg
Polyunsaturates 825mg
(EPA) 310mg
(DHA) 210mg

basically my query is:
is Flameout worth the extra cost?

to get the same DHA serving costs
75p /per serving for the potent fish oil
182p /per serving for the Flameout

obviously there are other considerations.
1)the simple calc i did would then have me taking in 3100mg(too much?) of EPA in a serving
2) id be taking 10 of the non Flameout brand for the equivalent dose
3) CLA isnt present in the non Flameout brand

so i think tailoring it to myself is important.
i want to loose 6% (from 18%-12%)or so body fat while trying to maintain my LBM. However fat loss is the most important feature. i have my diet and workout sorted out and im losing fat as it is, but im told time and time again to get the fish oil in!
does the CLA in Flameout make a big difference?
what rough daily dosage should i be taking to achieve my desired result? (aka is 3000mg EPA too much)

im not rolling in money and im after sustainable lower body fat. so basically is Flameout too hardcore for me to be using? i have no ambitions to become mega ripped and once i achieve my recondition ill be looking for an affordable way to keep myself there.




I stopped reading after this.

Dude- it's fish oil. It's not going to do any of the shit you listed but help you live longer. Buy what you can afford to do.


Christian Thibaudeau:

" One mistake I made when I underwent my original transformation was that I didn't include enough fish oil. I now firmly believe that mega-dosing fish oil is one of the best strategies you can use to impart drastic body comp changes to your physique.

When in a rapid fat loss phase, most of my clients will ingest at least 15g of fish oil, sometimes up to 30-40g. I personally use 30g per day. I like to use one or two servings of Flameout per day and I make up the rest with a good blend of fish oil. "

when i see this, going down to boots and buying any old fish oil thats affordable make me think....whats the point if im only taking 1/5 of whats regarded as effective?


oh and i wasnt meaning is Flameout going to make me megaripped.
what i meant is that my training and diet will not make me megaripped, so is Flameout overkill/waste?


NO its not over kill or a waste its high quality. Is high quality a waste?



Never tried Flameout, but I fully trust Biotest when they claim that it's the best. Try fishing for an oil that's more than 1:1 DHA/EPA ratio and you'll see what I mean. There ain't none, and the ones that come close are prohibitively expensive. If you have joint issues, you should probably consider supplementing with CLA and Flameout would definitely be worth its money.

I noticed that the quality of fish oil has nothing to do with what's written on the label. Some are insanely dirty. You could tell from holding the capsules in the light. Those usually give the nasty burps and, from experience, are not as good at fluidifying the blood as much. Not that metamorphosing into a fountain every time you shave is a good thing, but I'm guessing that it's a testament to the potency of the oil in question.

All in all, be careful when shopping around for those. I'll never tell you that Flameout is a waste because I swear by the few Biotest's products available in my local shop now, and am therefore very likely to love their fish oil if it ever shows up around here.