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Fish Oil After Surgery

I’m getting ACl reconstructive surgery in a couple days. I have stopped taking my fish oil about a week ago or more. However I want to start taking as soon as I can after my surgery is done. Does anyone know how long I should wait to take it after surgery or can I start it right away?

Why did you stop? Were you instructed to do so?

Yes. I was told to stop taking fish oil and multivitamin.

OK, it looks like it may be restricted because it can prevent clotting and result in bleeding. You definitely don’t want excess bleeding in the joint because it damages cartilage. I will research it some more. Since blood clotting AFTER surgery can also be a bad thing, I would guess no more

I am curious to know why did you stop? Is doc suggest you?

I mentioned, it’s a blood thinner. Sources say up to two weeks. Especially important for joint and plastic surgery because blood destroys cartilage.

I took a mix of vitamin C, glucosamine, and fish oil after my shoulder surgery and I think it definitely helped out a little bit.

Let me be clear. Fish oil is prohibited because it is a blood thinner. ANY blood getting into a joint after arthroscopic knee surgery is likely to permanently degrade the meniscus and knee cartilage. I had ACL surgery and knew that keeping blood out of the joint was critical, but didn’t make the connection with fish oil. Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, Aspirin, and some vitamins that I can’t recall (maybe a B, and K?) do the same thing.

I was advised to take Aspirin after my surgery to prevent a blood clot from forming that could move around. Hmmm

I mentioned that too in one of my earlier posts, though when I had acl replacement they never recommended aspirin. Were you in a higher risk group for clots.

I had my humorous drilled out because of hills sacs fracture, 8 anchors in labrum, and one in bicep tendon. So I was on the table for around 4 hours? maybe thats why, other than that I’m a healthy young guy so I assume not. Well fuk hopefully my cartilage didn’t get messed up lol