Fish Macros, Raw or Cooked?

I have done some research and searched multiple sites (T-Nation was first obviously) and all the data I find on fish macros is inconsistent between cooked and raw fish.

Some sites give both broiled and raw fish having very similar macros (like 4 oz raw = 19g protein and 4 oz broiled = 20g) and this cannot be correct. Some give different macros (like 4oz raw = 20g and 4oz cooked = 28g), but I do not know which to go with and how to measure for macros.

Is weighing fish raw and then cooking it better to do for macro calcs than weighing it cooked? I am eating a diet with lots of fish in prep for a show and am having a problem figuring out the macros of fish and how I should calculate it, seeing as measuring wrong would throw off my macros one way or another.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

As long as you measure/record it the same every time, it doesn’t make a difference. I always weigh my meats after cooking, because that’s how you eat it

I agree, but it seems with fish it becomes so variable based on how much water has been cooked out. You could have cooked fish thats still soggy weighing the same as dried fish with little water, with the dried fish having much more protein per ounce. But they still come up as “cooked/broiled” on macro facts.