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Fish is toxic BS

Frankly, this “fish is toxic” thing is going to lead me to murder soon. I’ve got both vegetarian assholes and idiot meat-chompers telling me this. The only reason not to eat fish regularly is you’re pregnant, then it does have tetragenic effects on the child. BUT IN EVERY INSTANCE, fish protein without fish oil correlates with increased immune function. Then you add in the fish oils and it gets even better! Your immune system prevents cancer, sickness, and injury. I guess dr. mercola wouldn’t have a job if people weren’t sick and diabetic. I say we all mail our tuna cans to Mercola, along with some distilled water.

Funny post.

Be sure to get some whale’s liver in your diet. Seems like Japanese researchers found not too long ago that a single dose of it can have enough mercury to cause acute poisoning: Good stuff.

Wasn’t that 1 and only 1 whale that they found this to be true in? Isn’t using that fact a bit like all the people trying to get ephedra banned?

Can you please reference some studies? I’d like Dr. Mercola to also… how can we have a meaningful debate with no scientific validation?


Unfortunetly I have no time or interest in digging up studies to suport this claim. This was something that was on the news in several TV stations here in Europe a while ago and is no surprise to me. I’m sure a search on Mercola’s will come up with something, as will a google. I don’t need any proof so I’m not waisting any time with that right now. I have a ton of things to do.