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Fish Flax and T


Just ran into this and thought some of you might find it interesting.

If nothing else kind of made me feel good about keeping it simple and just taking 6 caps a day like I have for a while. That on top of my regular fish and good fats consumption.

Dear Friend,

Testosterone is often referred to as the "Male Hormone".

Many people understand the critical role it plays in male sexual behaviors as well as physical characteristics.

Fewer people, including some doctors are aware of the role it plays in mental well being, physical health including the development of memory problems, depression, heart health and the good effects it has on blood sugar and if properly handled, improves cholesterol.

These good effects apply to women as well.

While women have far less testosterone than men, testosterone does nonetheless play a critical role in sex drive (along with its precursor, DHEA) physical health, body fat, mental health and mood.

Because of the widespread abuse by athletes and bodybuilders who go way beyond the proper supplement dosage, Testosterone continues to have a bad rap among the general public and many doctors who don't understand it.

Lately the drug companies have begun to address the issues of women's sex drive with testosterone gels and patches, available by prescription.

As usual they are under tested and overpriced!

I have written extensively about Fish Oil's effects on testosterone before, usually discussing the way in which fish oil can keep more testosterone as testosterone instead of its potentially harmful breakdown products.

However research suggests there is indeed a much more direct effect of Fish Oil on Testosterone, and one which is NOT shared by Flax oil.

It turns out there are 2 ways to increase Testosterone production via dietary fats.

One is to increase the cholesterol consumption.

Not recommended!

While total cholesterol by itself is not the culprit for heart disease, there are some folks who will not handle this diet well and cannot clear the excess cholesterol.

The result could be Harmful increases in bad cholesterol and no increase in the good HDL cholesterol.

With high dose fish oil feeding, the test subjects got the same positive increase in their testosterone production, without the potentially harmful effects of cholesterol.

Interestingly enough, when Flax was substituted for Fish Oil, testosterone levels went down.

So those of you contemplating a sex change out there.... just eat lots of flax! You might save yourself some money and pain!

I while back I wrote an email that upset a lot of people. It was entitled Gandhi vs. Lalanne. The simple premise of this email which is archived on the site's articles page is: You can live long hard and well, or you can live long soft and poorly. You can if you like turn down your metabolism by underfeeding yourself and producing fewer free radicals.

Or you can supplement your diet with free radical quenching supplements like Fish Oil, Regenerizer, Cardio Booster and Immune Booster in my opinion live just as long and just as well but be more like Mr. Lalanne.

Nothing against Mr. Gandhi! He moved worlds! I just don't want to be that thin in an attempt to live longer in a nursing home!

I think Flax oil supplementation fits well with the underfed mentality. Produce less hormone, less of the juice of life so to speak and you will produce less energy and fewer free radicals.

So how is Fish Oil different?

The brain makes a "switch on" hormone called LH. The LH tells the testicles to make more testosterone.

Once the LH hits the testicular cells a switch inside them is thrown and they make more testosterone.

The events that cause this to happen are complex and we don't need to go into them here.

Suffice it to say that the overall effect on this system when fish oil is in the diet in sufficient quantities (I recommend 6 capsules a day) is to make this process more efficient and make more testosterone.

Flax oil does exactly the opposite. It turns off the LH receptors and decreases the production of Testosterone.

There you have it gang! Once again the kind of fat you consume makes all the difference.

By the way fish oil helps with estrogen metabolism in women too!

So, man or woman, now you can effectively benefit from the hormone enhancing effects of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.

So if you sex drive, attitude mental sharpness, and strength could use a boost, Don't Delay!

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Dave Woynarowski, M.D.
The Nation's #1 Anti-Aging Physician


Thanks Phill, good read. However I was wondering does flax oil still have it's place in a bulking diet?. I'm using it primarily to bump up my calorie intake. It wouldnt be detriemental in any way would it?


I personally think its a good fat yes. I limit it to a couple TBspoons of the Flax mealk a day or EOD at most. I have been using walnuts a lot more myself along side the fish oils.

But yes its a good source of fats. In modertaion like most other if not all things.


Cheers Phill, I also only take two spoonfuls each with with my last two meals of the day.

What's EOD?


It stands for every other day

Phill, I was wondering if you could post the link to this for me?


Sorry I dont have it but can give you an easy way of finding it. It is by that last Doc in the references Dave something a rather. Just google him.

yup EOD = every other day


Hmmm should I cut my flax down from 2g a day?