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Fish Burps

Are all fish oils created equal? I’ve been using the vitamin world fish oil gel caps. If I don’t time it right with my food intake I get some nasty burps! Is there anything out there without the after-taste (burp)? What do you all use? Thanks.

I believe Natures Way has a enteric coated fish oil cap that is released in the small intestine which will help your fishy burping problem.

gnc has some deoderized ones

GNC’s may be deodorized, but they’re weak. Pure Encapsulations has high-concentrations (half-gram of EPA/DHA per cap) with no odor at a good price. BEWARE, though: I recently bought Sam’s Club fish caps because they were 300 for $9.95. Now it tastes like there’s a bayou in my gut.

Try putting them down before a meal, I’ve greatly reduced bayou breath doing it this way.

Some things that can help – take them before food (bury them in the stomach), keep them in the refridgerator, and take them last thing before going to bed (won’t cure the smell, but at least you’ll be asleep. watch out for a cat staring down your throat in the morning)

You can save alot of money by purchasing Twin Labs Dale Alexander Super EPA fish oil liquid. It has spearamint flavoring that is palatable. Much better bang for your buck vs. the gel caps

bert, which web site do you use to buy the liquid?

Coromega. Come in individual packets. Nice orange taste to them. No after taste.

HI guys!!! I’ve used GNC and recently changed to Webber-Naturals (i got it at Costco). I didn’t change brands for any reason other than cost $$$. GNC and Webber both have the same label info. 240 cap 1000mg 180:120(epa/dha). Here is where things get weird for me, I’m taking 15 mg/day (1000mg = 1g x 15g = 15 caps) I’m not sure how everyone else is taking the fish oil, but does anyone know if we are suppose to be counting the actual EPA/DHA mg or the overall amount of fish oil??? Any help would be great. One more thing, has anyone IN CANADA found a higher concentration other than 180:120 in their fish oil??? I’ve been out of luck in that area… Thanks guys!!!

You could try Odo’s Perfect oil blend. It has a combination of Flax, Sunflower, etc and actually tastes great. I use fish oil gelcaps that I get through our business with Nutrilite and have found that I don’t get that gassy feeling as much.

Actually, the Omega 3 complex that NutriLite now sells is flax oil. To get the salmon oils, you need to go with the Ocean Essentials line.