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Fish Breath?


Does anyone else get fish breath from taking fish oil? I take it with food, but I still have this proble. Could it be low quality fish oil, or is this just something I have to get used to?


I used Kirkland Signature enteric caps for a while and they still gave me bad breath. Enteric caps are supposed to prevent that because they're coated. At least as far as I know. Any recommendations on other brands?


The best I've used was Vitamin World's enteric coated fish oil caps. Never had fish burps from them. Costco's are good quality but always had fish breath, no matter what, even if they were enteric coated or not.


I don't get fish breath if I store the caps in the fridge.

Hope it helps.



I use Pure Omega 3 by PBL with no repeats. I do get fish breath after going down on the Mrs. however!