Fish and Flax

In your opinions what is the optimal amount of flax or fish oil to take in a day (grams). Is it better to spread it out through the day for better absorption or take them all at once?

…“Cool J.???” …on to the question:

J…the CURRENT recommendation is about 6 grams of EPA/DHA per day, so you’ll have to do a little conversion, depending on your product:

The conversion number is about 30% for linolenic acid. So figure out how much linolenic acid is in your product, multiply by 0.30 and that’s the amt of EPA/DHA combined you MAY get assuming full digestion and absorption. However, you can’t always assume full absorption and also different people convert differently so it could be more or less. But this is close…

Hope this helps!

If I take essential fatty acid pills (e.g. the Atkins ones) that have several hundred mgs of CLA etc., can I take less fish or flax oil?

What are the guidelines there?

CLA is a whole different ball game. You still nead to strive for the 6g EPA/DHA. CLA is not going to hurt but its been mixed reviews for if it helps. I think you need at least 3g CLA to even be able to evaluate if it might help.

possibly my digestive tract malfunctions but I take flaxseed oil and olive oil by the tablespoon full and I end up with dystrophy in the toilet. since I have not consumed oils via this manner or volume in the past, should I start intaking smaller amounts till my stomach can absorb it or will it get stimulated to absorb the excess amounts over time at the same dosage? my only other options for lipic calories are peanuts, eggs, salmon in large quantities, or ground beef. any responses are appreciated. thanks.

Are you mixing your oils with anything or just eating oil? Mix your oils in with the meat that you are eating or throw the olive oil on a nice salad. I can’t really stand flax oil so I take that mixed in advanced protein. Oil should be part of a protein + fat meal, not taken alone.

I’m curious. Untill now, I’ve ignored the importance of taking oils, but have recently purchased some flax. I’ve been taking it alone in the morning and in the evening. Am I wasting my time? Do I have to mix it with a meal?

You are not wasting your money, but taste wise I would rather mix my flax oil up with some AP. Also, to get in all of my calories and protein in a day, I’m eating protein at every meal. If you can tolerate the oil and have some reason that you are taking it separately then its not a major problem. I just think that the oils fit best into meals including protein and minimal carbs.