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Fish and Canola Oils

I have a couple of questions on fat. I’m going to follow Poliquins Diet advice for fat loss, 4days low carbs w/ 1 high carb meal every 5th day. Doing 60%protein (1.5g per lb), 30% fat, and 10% carbs. Here’s some questions. Is Canola Oil a good fat to use for fat loss? I heard somewhere it has a similar ratio of Omega 6 to 3’s as flax (2:1). Also, would there be any negative benefits of using more than the recommended 15 fish oil capsules. I can get them cheap at Sams Club, they’re by Members Mark. 300 capsules for $7. So is it OK to use about 30 Fish Oil capsules a day? Thank You

Best of luck on the new diet. It’s no secret that Im not a fan of such low, low carb diets, but I wish you the best. Let us know (on the board here) what kind of progress you make and how you feel along the way. As fat as oils, canola is ok, but I would definately say ditch the canola and go with 3 other oils and split up your daily intake pretty evenly between…1)flax 2)olive 3)fish. One way to do it would be to go with the fish oil caps (you dont really need any more than 3-6g of DHA and EPA combined per day and probably shouldnt go much higher). Then take either a combo of olive and flax or go with Udo’s choice for the rest of your meals. Best of luck.