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First winstrol cycle

I’ve got a bottle of 50 50mg winstrol and am going to start taking it after a week of working out. I’m 195 pnds 6’3 I’m eating high protein shud I run test 250 too or what else.


yeah bro, most people start taking AAS after a week of solid workouts…,youre definitely ready

but why settle for the easy shit? Winny is for fags and pussies…
You should shoot up 20 iu of insulin about half an hour before your workout…go take a nap for 25 minutes then get ready to smash fucking weights

ooops…I mean you “shud” shoot up…

ah, my favourite thread so far today…

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
ah, my favourite thread so far today…[/quote]

Meaning…? Its starting to kick in now I notice a lot more veins and stuff and cuts

I am thinking of a 10 week cycle of test 250 injections also