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First White Man Runs Sub-10 in the 100m


Lemaitre first white man to run 100m in under 10 seconds

Fri Jul 9, 2010 1:43pm EDT

Print This Article[-] Text [+] PARIS (Reuters) - France's Christophe Lemaitre became the first white man to run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds when he clocked 9.98 on Friday, the French athletics federation said.

Lemaitre, 20, set his time during the French championships in Valence, southern France.

"He is the first white man to run the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds," Jean-Philippe Manzelle, French athletics Federation press officer, told Reuters.

The former French record had been set by Ronald Pognon at 9.98secs in 2005.

Jamaican Usain Bolt is the world record holder with 9.58secs.

American Jim Hines became the first man to run the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds in 1968.

(Writing by Bertrand Boucey; editing by Miles Evans)


Fuck that, they all look slow as shit.


i legit lol'd

on a similar note



He cheated.

Someone spoke German behind him and he just split.


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Ok what the fuck?
Does this story weird anyone else out?
Are we going to have the white olympics?
How much jew/black/asian blood can you have in you before you are disqualified?


Sprinters usually look graceful when they run, but something about this dude's stride looked really goofy. A sub-10 hundo is stupid fast though so guess it doesn't matter how cool he looked. And, at 20 years old I imagine he has the potential to get a lot faster.


Veronica Campbell Brown is hot! I saw her race a month ago in NYC.


Oh please, Does it get you in a tizy every time they mention first woman to do this, or first black to do that?

A white guy has never done it. Whites aren't typically physiologically built for sprinting.

What about all the press over the first black president? You must have hated that.


You sure its not because the video was slowed down by a factor of 10?


Haha, no. He could look smooth as Billy Dee in real time, but I doubt it.


But hes the first black president. He won. He did something significant.

Or how what tony dungy was the first black coach to win the superbowl. He actually won the superbowl.

This guy didn't even break a national record. He won a meaningless track event.

Im not in a tizzy I just find it wierd.


And he's the first white guy to do this. It's just a first and there's no reason NOT to celebrate his achievement.

On the other note, his form is a bit goofy. His left arm extends more at the back of his arm swing than his right too.


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Yeah, because white people can't be openly proud about being white or celebrate an achievement in white history without being labeled racist or nazis.
But, every time a black guy wipes his ass its a huge moment in history.


I don't care either way if the guy winning isnt me.

And I think its more of a white thing to say "the first black"....


I found it amusing that like 60 years ago Mr Obama would have had to sit somewhere different on the bus or couldn't look at white women or whatever the fucked up laws were back then. I bet he laughs his cock off every night sat in the Oval Office thinking about the irony that he lives in the ''White House''. The slave becomes the master... I fucking love irony.


This isn't a "white achievement," it's just an anomaly. That's all.


You know how T-Nation loves its race wars!


i'm confused, my mum is white and my dad is like kinda black! What should I do?

If obama enlists prof x as secretary of defense/destruction and decide to take over the world should I show my allegiance to them?

Or should i just be Switzerland and stay on the fence?