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First Whinny/Test Cycle

I am currently runnign 50mg per day whinstrol tabs. ive been on them for just about 4 weeks now and am noticing good results. lots of fat burn and muscle hardening. I am just eating relatively healthy nothing extreme. I am thinking on runnign test 250 injections with it.

I need novla to go with this as ive read on other posts and am just wondering what else i should do. im 6’3 200 pounds. Please no idiots saying “you dont know what your doing, stop!!” just tell me what i should do because people told me i was an idiot for starting whinny and yet its results are amazing. Thanks in advance

you dont know what your doing, stop!

If I had written that, instead of copying it from your post, I would have spelled things correctly (you’re) and used proper punctuation. But that’s ok. You know what I’m trying to say, brah?