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First Week Weight Loss

I think I am doing okay, but I am wooried. Started the Fat Fast. Lost 6 pounds in the first week, but my body fat level stayed the same! Does this mean that I lost most muscle? Or is it because, I losted the water associated with glyogen storage and some fat? My lifts are still strong, no strenght loss.
By the way, I am using a Tanita scale to chart my progress.

You most likely lost water weight due to the low carbs.

JasonL hit the nail on the head. Each gram of carbohydrate your body stores as liver or muscle glycogen usually stores 4g of water along with it. Drop the carbs and drop the water. Once you’re pretty carb depleted, you’ll be able to gauge progress easier because water weight fluctuation is all but eliminated.

Thanks. That was pretty much my guess, but I needed confirmation. I have also planned a 6 - 8 pound (water and Glyogen) bounce back at the end of the program.

The guys are right. It was mostly water and glycogen loss. I’m going to get nit picky with Eric and say that each gram of glycogen that you lose causes a loss of 2.7g of water. Sorry buddy but your a exs phys student and can take it.

Actually, you should consider it good news that your Tanita body comp stayed the same. If the loss was all water, you would see an increase in body fat percentage. This indicates that a good chunck of the intial loss was fat also.

Glad to hear you gave up on that homo Bowflex housewife diet and decided to get in the game and kick ass!

And you, my good man, are a Ex. Phys. M.S., so you can take the following:

The phrase “your an exs phys. major” should in fact be “you’re an exs. phys. major” in order to convey “you are.”

In the future, I would appreciate it if you would make me look like a jackass in proper grammar. Thanks for the info, though, buddy.

Point well taken buddy! :slight_smile:

I'll talk to you later. I figured you'd find a way to get back at me somehow.