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First Week so Far, Surprising Results

Hey everyone, so I just thought I would sort of do a chronical on how my first week is going. I am new to the forum and posted my numbers/TRT protocol yesterday. My first self injection was Wednesday at noon(100MG TC). I honestly was not expecting really anything to happen but I must say thus far I have been pleasantly surprised.

About 20 minutes after my injection I felt a sort of dizziness and flushed feeling which dissipated quite quickly. I slept great that night and I woke up the next day feeling full of energy but slightly irritable. I only slept from 9:15p-2:00a that night and I woke up feeling like I could take on the world, wasn’t tired at all, almost no need for sleep or rest. Also woke up with morning wood. Last night slept really good and woke up with morning wood so hard that it almost hurt. That brings me today. Feeling really good today, good energy levels ETC.

Brain fog has been non-existent, almost no anxiety or depression. Energy levels are better, libido is coming in surges, but good strong morning wood thus far. As I said I know this is the first week but I am pleasantly surprised thus far. Hopefully it keeps up. Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions on my other topic.