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First week on T-dawg

Just wanted to share my experiences with my first week on T-dawg. I don’t have any numbers yet (I will in 2 more weeks), but perhaps some people will have some comments.

Starting stats:
188, 7% (so about 13 lbs of fat).
Goal: I’d like to get down to about 4%, which for me looks like a guy at 7%. Body fat is measured with a electronic caliper with 9 sites (see my other posts).

Workout days: 180 gms protien, 70 gms carbs (40 from grow!+ribose C post workout), about 150 gms of fat or so (about 2400 calories)
Non-workout days: Same as above, but remove the Grow!+Ribose-c and add in 1 tbs of fat+protien powder.
Carb-up day (this saturday): Plan on about 140 gms of carbs, all complex (oatmeal, yams, etc).

6 meals a day

5:30 AM: 1 serving Power Drive, 4 caps Cortistat, 2 caps MD6
6:00 AM: Breakfast + Metabolic Nutrition’s Creatine Gycerol Phosphate, one cap gugglebolic, one serving Methoxy-7.
8:30: Post workout - 3 scoops grow (1 packet) + Ribose-C + gugglebolic + 200 mg. AST’s ALA
9:30 MD6
11:30 Lunch + gugglebolic (generally steak or salmon with veggies and nuts)
1:30 MD6
2:30 Meal 4 + gugglebolic (protien powder + oil + creatine + nuts)
5:30 Meal 5 + gugglebolic + ALA (salad + tuna/chicken + dressing)
8:30 Meal 6 (non-fat cottage cheese with Flax oil). One serving Methoxy, gugglebolic and ALA.
9:30 Bed + glutamine
I also take Sport’s nutrition Opti-pack (6 capsule multi-vitamin) divided evenly with each meal.

I’m also using 1/2 androsol (till it’s used up) and 1/2 nandrosol (about 35 sprays each). I’ll switch to all nandrosol (since my androsol will be used up)+ tribex (4 caps, 2x/day) next week.

Monday: Bi’s/tri’s + 20 min. cardio, 65% HR
Tuesday: Hams/Shoulders
Wed: Cardio, 30 minutes, 65% HR
Thursday: Back/Chest + 20 min. cardio
Friday: Quads/Calves
Saturday: Carbup day!
Sunday: 40-60 minutes light cardio.

Reps: generally 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 (all for the first excersize, the last two for the second, and the last one/two for the third). Every workout day 4 sets of abs. Generally tempo is 311, with only as much rest as it takes to go from excersize to excerize (I alternate between opposing body parts).

I’m supprised I haven’t been alot more lightheaded, although the past two workouts I felt like I wanted to puke by the end - I needed a few minute break before doing abs to get my HR off the wall. The only thing that I have noticed is a little more tired at the end of the day. Perhaps I’m not reaching ketosis. I have noticed being a little more winded during the workout, but this may be due to the no rest between sets. I did notice that I underestimated my abilities alot during the first week too, and I went well out of the rep range on many sets, particularly the first set of each excersize - I just kept going till I couldn’t go no more.

Any comments/suggestions welcome.

I think you’re coming out of ketosis. I personally use CKD an find that over 50 g of carbs brings me out of ketosis and i am 220 w/10 % bodyfat. Cut your carbs to 40 g a day and Im sure you will get better results. Also 150 g of carbs on Saturday is not enough. Remember that during your carb phase you are shooting for glycogen supercompensation. So I would recommend you ingest 500 g of High Glycemic Carbs for the first 24 hours(starting after fullbody depletion workout) and follow up w/an extra 12 hour load of about 200 g of low glycemic carbs. If youre carb phase starts mid-afternoon on Friday it should in late Saturday. Add a cardio workout on Sunday morning to help switch you back in to ketosis and start carb depleting again.
Good Luck