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First Week of First Cycle Help - How, or Should, I Come Off?

Ht 6,2 Weight 210. Age 19
Cycle: wk 1-8 Test E 250mg/ 2x a week
wk 1-5 DBol 20-30 mg a day
wk 1-8 Adex .5 EOD
PCT clomid not sure on dosage yet
exactly 7 days into cycle.

Im trying not to have permanent damage to my health/test levels but still want to get big . I am getting test flu after pinning with fever. My Unit isn’t getting rock hard. Its like my d has a hangover. I’m getting good pumps but i don’t know if i should continue. Also, may or may not be loosing hair i could just be paranoid. Any advice would be great.

one advice, stop taking steroid at 19 years old dude…

How do i come off one week in?

and will this one cycle hurt me in the long run?

i think it will hurt you on the long run yes ! just take a look at the forum, guys like you are the new 2017 and then crying they can get a good boner back years after taking gear…its a choice i think but now you should run a good PCT

I Have clomid what doses should i run?