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First Week of 531, Sore Legs

hello guys.

Ive completed my first week of 531 and just have a question.

On squat day, my legs ended up very sore right after my 5+ set of squats. The soreness was immediately after this set of 12 reps i got. I was hoping to do my triumvirate assistance exercises since ive been squatting very infrequently for a while (maintenance for squats/legs) but decided it woudnt be a good idea since my glutes, quads and hamstrings were already demolished.

Was this a good decision to skip the assistance work because of this “extreme” soreness?

And since im sticking with the plan as written and wont be doing squats until next week, how should i go about it next week? do assistance regardless of soreness? or just try to thrive off minimal work?

Probably fine as long as it doesn’t happen every week. Was it at least a PR on the set of 12 reps?

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ok. and It wasnt a PR. I havent gone that high for squats for at least a year which i think is what shocked my legs. But my plan is to use 531 to slowly work my way back up to hitting PRs. And im fine if it takes 6 months or more

In the article that Jim wrote about 5/3/1, he says that its perfectly fine some days to just go in and do the main lifts without worrying about the assistance lift. But like @sufiandy said, probably shouldnt be happening every week, But once in a while wont cause any issues.

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High rep squats after a while= sore legs. This happens to me too when I’ll go for a PRs in anchor.

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