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First Week Newb Question

I started working out again this week. Two questions:

1.) I did Dead Lifts along with some other workouts yesterday. Today I was running late. I took a protein shake for breakfast, but didn’t have time to eat…I know, I’m a jackass. Anyways, I had an interview and some errands on campus to run.

By the time I was finished and actually got to eat, I was awake for 3 hours. I was talking to a friend of mine and was getting pissed off about stupid, little things. I felt kinda dizzy and “empty”. The best way I can describe my attitude was pissy. Is that normal if you don’t get your nutrients in? No more excuses though.

2.) I’ve only been working out for three days. When I look in the mirror, I can tell a difference. I am 6’0", ~215, and around 18% body fat. I know it is ridiculous to think I actually changed in a couple of days. Is it just a positive psychological effect of doing something good for myself?

Either way, I am happy with myself for starting back. It’s gonna be a grueling, long trip…but I’m gonna rock the hell out of it.

Thanks for the Help!!!

1.) I used to get like that when I didn’t get a good enough breakfast and then snack in later. Sounds like you have a low blood sugar problem like I do/did. It’s definitely sounding like that was your issue.

If you can at all avoid it, don’t miss breakfast and don’t skimp out on it with a shitty pop-tart. Eat a good, balanced, hearty, healthy breakfast.

2.) Well if you’re looking in the mirror right after working out, you’re certainly going to notice a difference. Your muscles are going to be all ‘swollen’ from the lifting, plus, there’s nothing better than waking up with a little soreness that your body’s telling you “thanks for the workout, I’m feelin’ it”.

Keep up the good work, it’s fun to make gains and move up on the personal ladder of progress.