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First Week Into Cycle


Hey guys , just thought u would post my cycle. Took my first injection on mon of test. Running 500mg per week for 12 weeks. My girlfirend gave me it in the ass and the pain was less than i imagined from me being terrified on nedles. It went weel and im jsut after my second shot bout 30 mins ago.Was alot more painful than the first, and my ass has been aching for the past 3 days only to get worse.lol.

Although the pain is sore it feels good.Hopefully this cycle works and has anyone else tried this cycle, what to expect??etc. I also have a real rage problem ben attending anger managment latley so will the test increase that much more???Anyway thanks guys and will keep you posted on progress.


Where do these people come from? I would suggest you grow up first, control your "rage" problems, then consider puting a substance in your body you obviously know little about.



Hi bigdave,

I have two suggestions: first, use the preview option to correct any spelling mistakes before you post. Guys like me will eventually stop reading posts from someone with multiple mistakes and incoherencies, and there are plenty of guys like me here.

Second, are you serious about the "rage" thing? Yes, test will exacerbate this. And yes, you have control over it, and I am of the school that believes if you need anger management classes, then there is no way in hell you should be messing with AAS. It's a great way to further mess up the relationships in your life and possibly do something really stupid.

I hope you get this worked out before you encounter problems. I would hope that the people closest to you would be more important than having bigger muscles.


Hi cortes thanks for the advice.My classes are nearly over been going on for 8 weeks so my anger is under control at present.Oh and sorry for the spelling mistakes was in a rush last nite its looks like a 2 year old published that.

Oh and for craig_4g63 I have been researching and learning about steroids for over 2 years now and a realtion to me has been a stroid user for 4 years so i know all there is to know so how about you fuck off.I was asking for advice dont need you telling me I need to grow up and control my rage.


Hmmmm someone is into some kinky stuff!

That sentence stuck out like a sore thumb. Had to say something.

Good luck with the anger thing. Just remember to breath and count to 500 if need be. You are going to get worst as the cycle continues. I have friends that have rage (pre-existing)issues not on a cycle. So I can only tell you want I observe. When they are on and if they drink ...watch out. Just try to remember this is going to make things seem worst then they really are. They know this sober and are able to control themselves. But don't drink or do anything to make you loose that control. Also watch that BP ..if you get super angry and your BP is high you can have some medical issues.

Good luck


Pretty simple. If you were a dick before going on you will be more of a dick while on.

Telling one to fuck off for them letting you know to control your rage just shows how little you have it under control.

You also must be some sort of genius to know all the is to know about steroids after studying them for two whole years.

If your research would of included reading many of the threads in these forums you would also discover that this cycle has been done thousands of times by others. Basically a classic first cycle.

Do you have pct planned?


bigdave, I'll offer one more request. It isn't advice, as I already see you know better.

When we AAS users do something stupid or bad, even when it has nothing to do with the AAS, such as kill your wife and kid like that wrestler guy, or scream a lot and break car windows like that Lattimer guy from the movie, The Program, society tends to do a lot of things that are not in the favor of the community as a whole: punish us, blame the AAS, paint all of our actions with a broad brush, and, worst of all, apply these actions as typical of all users of AAS.

Conversely, and very unfortunately for us, whenever one of us does a good thing, like brush off a little kid who has fallen from his bike, rescue a kitten from a tree without the intervention of the fire department, or rub grandma's tired feet, society tends to ignore all of these good deeds, even if the user is running 4 grams of test a week and 150 milligrams of tren every other day.

So my request to you is, these next 12 weeks, please be careful, think about your actions, and think about how the small actions of the individual will affect the community as a whole.

Good luck.


It looks like a 2 year old also published these golden statements. Classic example of someone who should never be allowed to use steroids, makes us all worse off as a community.



Yeh I realise telling someone to 'fuck off' is childish and i apologise.Sorry.I know myself i can contorl my anger I was just wondering if the test would increase it much more.I was seeing if there was any other members have tried this cycle and what did they experienece in terms of rage. I defintley dont want it increasing as having it under control is much better to me and everyone else around me.

Thanks guys for the advice and im sorry if I have been ignorant or anything else.I have researched for 2 years maybe dont know everything but I know alot.Its all I do, is research steroids but i wanted to see if anyone on here received increase rage by using it.These forums teach me alot as AAS users are talking about their experiences etc.So thanks guys and sorry.