First Week Cutting

Alright…So I’m on the first week of my cutting diet (2500 - 2700 calorie range) and already the scale is showing big drops in numbers. I did get CRAZY sick for 2 days, no throwing up but I was bed-ridden the whole time. It says I’ve lost 3 pounds in 3 days already. Drinking plenty of fluids. Is this to be expected, or should I jack up the calories to prevent too much LBM loss?

Any help?

Have you dropped carbs pretty low as part of this diet? Fast water loss with low carbs is pretty typical if that’s the case. Happens the first few days.

While the actual carbs arent low (around 250g/day) they only make up about 35% of the diet. I try to get around 275g protein and just under 80g/fat.

I want to keep my muscle loss as low as humanly possible during this phase…hell, maybe even gain some with the help of Mag-10.