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First Vehicle & Best Vehicle?

That is pretty crazy! It would have been screaming for a sports car 20 years ago. I feel the speed 3 is plenty fast, and that is a mid 5 second car to 60, but pulls harder once up to speed due to being FWD. It is very fast in a highway passing situation (or at least very fast to me and my perspective).

Plus you can’t beat a smooth shifting 6 spd manual. Fun factor = 10


It is quite fun to drive even though much faster cars exist. Something about trying to go straight, but the car insisting on going right just kinda makes it exciting. AWD would be cool, but then I am looking at Evos and WRX STI, and I just can’t justify paying at 2X more just to get AWD (cars make about the same WHP, and would be competitors if the speed 3 was AWD).

The WRX is severly underpowered these days although rumor has it the next mill will be closer to 400hp. It really needs it. It can’t even keep up with a beefed up truck these days. The Evo was better but alas cancelled a long time ago as you know.

AWD should really be reserved for more powerful cars due to the additional drivetrain loss to WHP.


The HP in cars has gotten really crazy in the last couple decades. A V6 family sedan often is nearing 300 hp, and could keep up in a drag with a 90s lambo. My MS3 would smoke my uncles 1980 Vette (which I thought was fast 15 years ago). It would not be close in any sort of racing, the Mazda would embarrass it.

Agree. If it is a light car, then IMO it needs at least 300 hp to justify AWD. I think generally AWD looses about another 5-10% over FWD or RWD.

Edit: Looked up 90s lambos and they are faster than I thought. The diablo had a 0-60 of about 4 seconds.


i raise you 1, 7 speed corvette hahah

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i disagree, i drove a awd mini cooper manual jon works edition i think.

Oversized super fun go kart haha

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Some of these toys… jeeeez! Fella what do you do for a living?

I started a commercial construction company a long time ago and its grown quite well. Some luck and a lot of hard work.


My first vehicle. I assume it will be my most memorable, not sure if it’ll turn out to be my best.

Dream car would be something like a Buick Lesabre or some type of van, from the 80s or early 90s. Love the way they ride and look. Aunt used to have a Buick, not sure the year, and that backseat was comfortable.


That thing has great leg room. You can throw the kids, like 70 of them, in the back and head out for a nice jaunt to the pacific northwest, or maybe Maine.

It’s a true “go anywhere” type vehicle.

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