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First UFC


Hey all.

Going to my first UFC event in Vegas in two weeks, really excited but a little confused on the start times of the event. My ticket says 2:00pm start which seems really early to me. Would this be in part to a ton of prelims? Anybody ever been to a live event? Just curious as I don't even arrive in Vegas until 4:00pm and was concerned about the early ticket time.


I've been to a couple of UFC events in Vegas and that start times seems really early. I do not remember the prelims starting until 4:00 or 5:00. Your flight time is kinda pushing things a bit, but I guess it depends if you are only interested in the main card. Personally I would have tried to be in earlier to allow more time, especially if this is your first event. Is it possible to change your flight?


Train hard for it!


Thanks for the info. Changed my flight time to arrive at 12:00 so I won't miss anything.