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First Try At EDT


Hey yall, Im new to yalls forums here and this is my first post.
I have been lifting religiously for 2 years or so now, in fact my biggest 2 hurdles are not eating enough, and training too much.
I was doing a 3 way split on a 3 on 1 off frequency, with 2 a days, for about a year, then dropped back to a 4 day a week full body, and now would like to give EDT a go.
I have read "muscle logic" and understand the concepts pretty well, I think. I want to go for full body workouts, and will do it 3 days a week, so as not to burn down hopefully. I am a "compound movement" type guy, and here is the layout I have planned, I would appreciate any feedback, especially if the "man" himself happens to catch this one.:
PR#1:incline/bent row
PR#2:squats/sitff arm pullover
PR#2:deads/Haney shrugs
PR#1:hang clean/dips
PR#2:lunges/barbell curls
Well thats what Ive come up with.
Oh for some stats, to give yall an idea of where I am: Im 5'11", 165 pounds. Accufit digitals put me consistently at 3-3.5%BF (2mm chest, 6mm abdomen, 4 mm thigh).
Ill post an avater soon as I get a pic to throw up, thanks yall.


EDT is GREAT but if you have a prob eating and chosing compounds your going to need to eat a shit pot to keep weight let alone gain its VERY demending but if you eat even harder than you work it will give you a ton of results and if that 3-3.5% is correct you should be in or near the grave/dirt nap and should be doing ALL you can to just get a healthy level of BF%

Ok other than that I will give a few pointers and questions that will help others, and me help you.

First you might look at this I did a four day upper lower split but used compounds as well and Charles himself chimed in here a few times. It should help.

edit: forgot the damn link for you here

One of the things in the above would be the warning and use of an unloading week after every third week of Compound EDT. Trust me you'll need it. If not you'll regret it and regress/overtrian better to unload use a simple regular set rep scheme for a week, say 3x8-10 and come back to the EDT fresh.

Next you dont mention the PR zone time lengths Im guessing 15 minutes, Great choice.

  1. Im thinking day 1 incline = incline Bench press. Id go for flat bench press BB or DB as you are doing Military on another day and then dips on the third then you are hitting three seperate planes of motion with less carry over on the presses.

  2. Id keep it to two PR zones like you have with a press and pull paired then on the legs instead of say sqaut and stiff arm pullover pair the legs with an abs movement say weight crunches, another with wood choppers, maybe leg raises on another. This will give the opposing hip rotation and the lesser ab movement will allow for the GREAT demands of say the squat, DL etc.

  3. For you and your LOW weight and eating probs id call it good there BUT if you just MUST add say those Bi exercises in etc I would opt for a simple few sets AFTER the PR zones just a few sets of a regular rep set scheme variety.

OK other than that looks good change that press drop the extra shoulder/arm work for abs with the legs, load that dinner, lunch, and breakfast, as well as MANY snack plates and have a blast.

Hope That helps,


Great advice, Phil! Phil and I will continuous pimp ETD! It's a very brutal system and for now, just to 2 pr. My only other advice to you, is to keep the rest at no longer than 30 seconds. In fact, try to do some parts of the pf with no rest. This is when you really feel the effects of ETD training. Let me know how it's going!

ps the dvd is really good to.
pss - Hey, Phil. Have you any interesting pairings for ETD? I tried this one the other day - one handed snatch into a turkish get up. Switch to the other side. 5 reps/15 minutes. Really tough.


Hey Phil, thanks for the reply. I cant say for sure about the body fat percentage, as it seems real low to me too. The calipers are the Fatrack gold digitals from accufit. It seemed funny to me too so I even went so far as to call the company and have them talk me through calibrating them, and getting measurements and all. Thats whay I put down the fold measurements too. They are always the same within a mm or 2, and they stay rel consistent.

As to throwing in the arm work. I never do any direct arm work at all, I figure it gets hit with the pushes and pulls enough, but I was trying to come up with something to pair with the sqauts, deads, and lunges. I was a litle concerned with wiping out the abs, while doing core intense excercises. I got a pic to load as an avatar so hopefully it should pop up.

The one other thing I can think of that might throw b.f measurements off for me is that my skin at the abdomen is loose. Not sagging or anything, but not tight. I was an ffb a long time ago(12+years ago)then lost the doughy stuff at 18 in boot camp, and it never did tighten all the way up. My top weight was about 190, but I was 3 inches shorter.