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First TRT Labs 5 Months In

Started with a shbg 16 now at 19. Have been at 40mg eod

Total T. 641 249-836.
Free t 179.6. 48-250
Free t% 2.8
Shbg 19.9. 19.3-76.4
E2 ultrasensitive 49.9. 10-42
Hct 47.8. 42-52. Only .8 higher than almost 5 months ago pre TRT labs

These labs were done 42 hours post injection.
While I wait for a consult i will be starting 30mg ed

I really thought my levels would be higher however I kind of had the feeling that they were not great.

Are you doing Sub Q?

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Yeah you think that is the problem? Idk if i could do IM eod or ed

I could never get my numbers up, or feel good on SQ. I LOVE the convenience, but after trying IM I just cant go back.

Sub Q felt like I was injecting water.

Were your overall test numbers higher or lower on im vs suq q?

I’m on the same, 40mg EOD and my TT is 601 (300-1000). Don’t really have any other numbers right now.

Overall, I feel good… But from time to time, I wonder what IM could feel like.

The only number I retested so far was E2, and it jumped quite a bit, which would indicate that my TT also increased drastically. Same value, E2 jumped a lot from IM .

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Going to see what the Dr wants to to. Will definitely be raising the dose on sub q first for one more attempt if it doesn’t work out I will switch to IM. This is the First dose i have had labs done for. I knew i should have done labs a month ago but they kinda just reminded me I didnt need to for a while and I wasnt in a rush to go get stuck.

You will need an AI if you push levels higher, you could inject smaller doses daily.

I am going to daily. I dont have any high e symptoms so i dont think going a little higher will be a big problem. If ir comes to it I will start the ai. Im deffinitly not dropping the dose or staying at 40eod with those numbers basically being my peak at 30 hours past injection

Injections are individual. I feel better on sub Q, and I seem to aromatise less than when I did IM somehow. 40 EOD to 30 ED is a sizable jump, but the increase in SHBG would indicate that your body feels starved for T. 25 ED would still be a big jump, but you should consider that as an alternative. Overshooting your number can leave you feeling awful too.

Ended up doing 30 yesterday then 25 today. Hopefully i can get a consult today and see what they recommend.