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First TRT Injection, 3 Days Later Still Sore

Hey all I injected my first .5ml (100 mg) of delatestryl in my quad and my legs are still sore 3 days later… is this normal? it is slightly swollen around the injection site. No redness but appears a bit warm… How long should this take to resolve or did i do something wrong ?

I injected around a hand space above the knee in between the vastus lateralis and medialis so right where the rectus femoris crosses over. in the centre of the thigh (this was the nurses instructions).
I hit legs yesterday and now it hurs much worse (more than typical DOMS soreness)

any injection tips?

Use 27 gauge insulin syringe and inject in shoulders, easy and no product wasted any no danger of hitting tendons. If doctor prescribed anything larger than 25 gauge syringe doctor is clueless. Your muscle isn’t used to the fluid buildup in muscle, my first time was sore.

It sounds like you are doing intramuscular injections. And that is exactly the same effect I get when I did it like that. Most people say your muscles just used to it. Maybe I didn’t do it that way long enough to get used to it. Because it always felt like that with me. But yes its normal, but there are other options. Here is a link on the subject. I personally use a 29g 1/2

Did you swab vigorously with alcohol pad and from different directions to clean all sides of leg hairs?

What needle size, how deep and what angle?
Did you feel significant pain? Localized or diffuse? Vein pain is diffuse and not associated with injection location.

Did you select injection site and mark by pressing with a syringe cap or similar so you can see where to swab and where to inject?

You do not need to inject IM, subq provides smoother T levels and avoids decades of muscle-needle damage. Use a #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringe, ~$14 per 100 at Walmart - Relion house brand. Inject 50mg twice a week. Pinch up a small mound of skin and inject into send of mound needle parallel to muscles. After you pull needle out, press on puncture point firmly for 10 seconds to allow vessels to seal off and prevent bleeds and bleed bruises.

Do labs halfway between injections, always and do 7-10 days prior to seeing doctor so you can both review and discuss.

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Yes cleaned it well,washed hands etc prior to injection. Needle is 25gx 5/8.
Injected at 90 degree angle straight down into thigh.
Pain is 6/10 on a scale, localized to injection sight. Like really bad doms after a workout it feels like it’s in the muscle.

I did not mark it or anything before injection I just made menta note after swabbing the area.
I may try that sub q 2/week instead.

Okay thanks I’ll take a look

I mentioned sub q to Doc and he said it can be corrosive to the tissue vs intramuscular…

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He is outdated. And lets be logical. If its corrosive, do you think your muscles tissue is a better place than fat tissue? Note that this study is all about transgenders. But its the same stuff. There are thousands of us who will tell, no its not corrosive. There is far more damage done with a longer fatter needle that is injected directly into your muscles. The only reason they use intramuscular injections is because the original studies that were used to get testosterone injection approved by the FDA, were done that way. It costs a lot of money to redo those studies. And there is no profit to be made by changing the protocol https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28379417

Docs simply seem to make up shit like this. Then they offer to inject pellets under your skin.

Have been sub1 for 12 years.

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yeah most likely, I called and said maybe i didnt go deep enough and then they said it may be sitting sub q which is fine… but at the initial appt they said dont do it sub q … so gettin mixed reviews here lol

Often times even in a single office you will get differing opinions on what is best.

Most of the research I’ve done on IM self injection says to hit the outer quad when using the leg. Delts would be my first choice which is where I had the nurse do my first injection. Every other injection I’ve done myself has been subq on the love handles and more recently 2 inches from the belly button. It’s all personal preference I guess but the studies show smooth and steady for twice a week subq so I’m not wasting any time on anything else. I’ve had nine shots subq since December 29th and I feel great.