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First TRT Blast - Need Advice


About me - 26 y/o - 6'3" - 215 - 9-10% BF - 10 years training - TRT 100 mg Test C e4d, 500 iu HCG E4D.

I've been on TRT for just over a year. Pretty much dialed in, bloods come back a steady 1200 Total T, 23-28 free T 2 days after T shot. Everything is going great, feel great, made great gains in the gym. However they've slowed as I'm hitting a plateau. This brings me to wanting to run my first blast. Here is my dilemma. Since starting TRT, hair thinned out some, but I used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and it has helped a lot. No shedding and hair is again thick. However, I'm fearful if I run a Test blast (200-250 mg e4d, not sure length just yet) it will over ride the Nioxin and I will experience shedding or receding. Which brings my two questions for you guys.

  1. Do you think using finasteride for the blast would be smart? If so, how much and how far in advance would I start it before the blast?

I'm obviously scared of the sides with Fina as I'm still young and still love having sex. If I couldn't fuck a woman for life I'd probably jump off a bridge.

  1. I know everyone says Test only for first cycle, and would like to. But I am also considering other, less androgenic compounds. I would like to use EQ, but I'm prone to anxiety and it might do too much to my TRT blood work. NPP seems like a safer option, as well as anavar in a low dose, or just plain deca (not really interested, would prefer NPP). Thoughts or suggestions on alternate routes? Tbol?

I appreciate any and all feedback.