First TRP Shot [250mg Testoviron]

So i got my first T shot on Thursday morning, and its now Friday morning and I am yet to feel any different at all with energy/sex drive, etc, etc.
DOC said i could feel it withing a day, but give it 3 days to settle in? I am afraid it may not be working for me or am I too paranoid?

250mg Testoviron to butt cheek
Age: 22
Low T results: 366 ng/dl


do some googling and see the timeframe most are reporting for starting to see the shots taking effect. you will find most reporting 3-6 weeks for various benefits, while others not becoming apparent until 12+ weeks (body composition).

I am new to TRT myself and not familiar with Testoviron, so maybe it’s some fast acting Test I’m not familiar with, but my understand is you aren’t going to go from feeling like a like of crap to feeling great on your first shot regardless. With low T, you likely have other things out of sort, and those things will take time to adjust so that you can realize your higher T.

If you want further help, read the stickies and educate yourself a bit, post the requested lab results, etc. Your age and total T # doesn’t give near enough info for anyone to tell you anything other than “yea you have low T for your age”.

good luck.

See these stickies:

  • ‘advice for new guys’, good technical info and definitions that you will need, note other related conditions/causes. More often than not, guys who come here have some sort of thyroid problem. There is good info in the thyroid basics sticky.


  • read the ‘protocol for injections’ sticky
  • post labs with ranges and more info about you

You need to be self injecting twice a week, 50mg testosterone cypionate or ethanate for 100mg total per week. Then your levels will be steady and you don’t need a blend of esters like your current product. And your labs will be more meaningful. Your labs one or two weeks after injecting are rather useless.

You also need to be considering anastrozole to control your E2 levels and hCG to preserve your testes.

T will change gene expression in your cells. It starts with the nuclei. Then the cells function differently and then tissues start to change. Most of what you will feel will be mental and your brain needs time to change thought patterns. Don’t be impatient. There is also no guarantee that what you are doing will work well. Your thyroid and adrenals need to be up to the the new/restored metabolic demands that are created with youthful T levels. If TRT leads to elevated E2, many of the benefits can slip away by week six.