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First Tren/Test Cycle Critique


Hello all,
I’m a new member to this forum, looking to not only receive any constructive criticism on my upcoming cycle but to become an active member as well. Also please excuse any typos, doing this on mobile.

I’ll start with the basics:
28 y/o male with 10+ years lifting xp
I’ve been very consecutive the last year anda half, suffered a shoulder injury in 2014 requiring reconstructive surgery.
5’11 at 220 about 20%bf used Google image to eyeball it.

I have two previous cycles, both just test e at 500mg/week for 10wks. Both with proper pct and AI ran throughout. First cycle I discovered I’m sensitive to gyno unfortunately. Easily managed though with adex.

My up coming cycle I plan to run once I get down to 210 maybe 200lbs:
Weeks1-10: test cyp200 @ 200mg p/week. Mom/thurs
Weeks1-10: tren ace100 @ 50mg ed
Weeks1-10: Adex @ 0.5mg eod
Weeks3-10: HCG 250iu 3x/w
Pct two weeks after last pin:
Weeks 13 Nolva 20mg 2x/d, Clomid 50mg 2x/d
Weeks 14-16 Nolva 20mg/d, Clomid 25mg/d
Also have caber on hand, if needed

Diet is on point, using a local meal prep business, cuz I’m lazy. Right now on a caloric deficit at1800cal per day. Want to reach that magical 15% bf or close to it. 45% protein and carbs 10% fat. Will up to 3500cal when on cycle maybe more. Never had trouble gaining weight. Labs done about 6 months ago all normal, but am at slight risk for hyper tension unfortunately. I’ll have to keep an eye on bp.
My question is if I pin the tren ed mon-sun that will put me at a total 3500 mg for the entire cycle. I have two 10ml bottle atm, that means I’ll have to buy two more. Could I do just mon-fri meaning I’ll only need one more bottle at 2500 mg total. Or would that be rough on the blood levels. Hopefully my math isn’t wrong, never was my strong point.
I have another 2 months or so before I start so plenty of time to tweak if needed.
Thanks for any input.


After some thought I figured it would be best to stick to the 350 mg per week and just fork over the extra money. I might even pick up enough to go to dose to 75mg if the sides aren’t too bad.


I think it’s a sensible cycle. I think you may end up getting better results from a 350 test, 500 tren ace (or 600). Based on your bench press though I would revamp your training for upper body.

I don’t like your current diet plan but that’s not what you asked about–tren ace really needs to be pinned ED. I don’t think 5x a week would be really bad, but I believe you would get better results out of ED pinning.

Also probably wise to leave a little buffer in there, say 10% for underfilled vials or dead volume in syringes.

I would suggest you work on aerobic conditioning before the cycle, since tren is anecdotally notorious for lessening your aerobic capacity. Coming from a cutting phase probably not an issue unless you’re just not using cardio. Still something to think about.


I always like to run my test a few more weeks coming off tren. 50mg ace/day should be plenty enough for a first cycle, and having everything on hand is better than being short in my experience so go for there extra vial because you’ll have it for later if you don’t use it. My first tren cycle was 50mg ace eod and I made great lean gains with strict 2200 cal diet.

I like to run vitex on the side to help with prolactin before I have to use the cancer. Can get at GNC for $6.


Thanks for the replies. I was only being conservative with the tren due to
it being my first experience with it. I’ll go ahead and pick up another
vial. And up the dose of the sides are manageable. I’ll check out the
vitex see what it is about.
Aaragon, I’m always up for improvement. You think I’m too low on calories
currently? My be low calories but it’s clean. I eat 8-10 egg whites in the
a.m. Turkey bacon and 1 dry cup oatmeal and a protein shake. My goal is to
get lean before this cycle. For cardio I’m doing 10 sets of 100m sprints
3xweek and incline treadmill walks 2xweek


you can run tren ace at 150mg/week and test at 350mg and see crazy results. I guarantee it.