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First Tren Enathate Run

Good morning everyone. I was just wanting to see what your thoughts were on my first Tren cycle. I know there is a lot of information and knowledge on this forum and would appreciate any feedback. The plan will be for a recomposition. I am curious to see if anyone else has had good results with a similar cycle. My stats are,

26years old
210 pounds
12% BF
4 successful cycles under my belt
Training for 7 years.
Diet is very clean and at approximately 2100 calories on off days and 2500 calories on lifting days.
I train 5 days a week with legs being 2 of those days.

I just had complete blood work ran and everything is good to go and o have a complwtw blood workup every 6 months. I am on doctor prescribed TRT at 200mg/wk of test C along with HCG strong text500 iu/wk.

My plan is,

Test E 400mg/wk
Tren E 200mg/wk
Arimidix 0.5 mg/wk
Caber 0.5 mg/wk
HCG 500 iu/wk

For my first Tren run I was wanting to keep the doses at a conservative level to see how well I react and how well I tolerate any sides I may get. Thanks in advance.

Conventional wisdom is not to use E for your first tren run. If you’re one of the people who gets a lot of tren’s nastier side effects then you’re stuck with it for a few weeks, whereas using tren ace allows you to bail out of the cycle much more quickly. That makes intuitive sense and I’d adhere to that philosophy if it were me using it for the first time. I would also strongly advise you to not take caber unless you actually need it. That class of drugs are not necessarily a safe prophylactic treatment. They come with risks, which means only use them if you have to.

I think you’re good to go but I would second @iron_yuppie comment about holding off on the Caber until your blood work and side effects warrant it. I would say the same thing about the Adex but I’m assuming that you’ve run Test @ 400/wk before in previous cycles and chose that dosage based on your own past experience, otherwise I would hold back on it too until needed.