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First Tren Cycle


First of all, apologies if this is in wrong section I’m new on here and never posted on a forum in my life. Okay, so I’m 5’9 102 kg(224.4lbs)…15/16%bf measure with calipers coming into week 12 of a test and deca cycle…it’s the second cycle I’ve ran the first being a test and dbol cycle…training 4 years now 22 just turned…put on alot of size since the start from a scrawny 145lb skater lol and especially through first and last cycle…

first cycle never ran pct doctor told me only run it if feel it’s needed…second cycle(one I’m in now…I have adex and caber on hand) was going to run for 16 weeks but to be honest I’m extremely happy with gains from this cycle happy with the size and was thinking of running to end of this week 12 theb switching to tren a and lowering test dose for further 6-8 weeks to lean/harden up really clean up on diet and cut to maintainance calories then reduce 500per day every week from there for example…

never ran tren as it’s hard to come by round here friend went away and come back with a bit and I bought some…now with the tren a would I run it mon wed Fri sun tue thur etc or just 3 days a week? Also what sort of idea is it to swith to tren at this stage? Thanks if you read all of this really appreciate it and any help advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance!


I can’t help much man, but I’m on my second cycle… 6 weeks in, and just added tren e at 150mg 2x per wk… I’m gonna go for 6 wk like this. I know it depends on what type of tren you have bro. If you have ace, then it’s ed or eod, I think 50mg per pin. With the enthenate, what I have, it’s longer lasting and it’s 2x wk, 300 mgs total (for me anyways)… I definitely will be pct, as I want to return my levels to natural after this cycle. Tren is powerful, and it’s not the same as test, that’s for sure. Hope you get it straight brother. Keep us updated! BTW, I can already tell the tren has tightened me up in the first week. This stuff is a whole other animal! Google it, research it, get something nailed down, and go with how you feel, as long as others have done it.


start tren at 350mg per week, thats 50mg ED pin at morning with test base (test base dosage?? high or lower doesnt matter depends on your body), run it for 8 weeks max if its ace, anything over 9-10 weeks is diminishing returns.


Thanks for your responses guys! Really appreciated. So I’ll go for 50mg Ed with test prop running bit lower than the tren will keep updated when I start with pics and stats…just fingers crossed the tren is legit lol…is they’re anyway to PM on here? Still not figured out yet…p.s. what’s the longest cycle.you guys have ran


i have been cruising for 2+ years now but before that have ran 4-5 cycles 3 of them with tren


Tren is THE SHIT!!! The sides can be pretty wicked depending on your dosage. To me, the results outweigh the sides. As far as PCT… I just drop to a cruise dose of Test and then I’ll get bloods done after a bit. After that, changes can be made to my cruise and then I’ll stick with it until my next cycle. As far as which is higher between Tren or Test… @cryptonite said it right when he said it depends on your body. We all react differently so you’ll have to see what works for you. I usually run my Test at a higher dose than my Tren. Hopefully you get on a good combo. Good Luck!


Whenever i can get my hands on some good tren i would run it before summer, best compound for my body, i dont usually get any sides other than the usual breathing or sweats.


Would I be right in saying you haven’t ran into in any problems then with crusing or else you wouldn’t still be doing it after 2 years? How are gains kept whilst crusing is much lost? It’s something I’ve considered but with only 2 cycles under my belt I’m not sure however I have a goal in my head and as hard as I work towards it I still want it to be achieved in as little time as possible… @moosejuice0311 dam I hope I’m as luckyou with the sides as you! Let’s see can’t wait to find out lol


Okay so I’m 3 weeks into my cycle of tren ace and test prop on my cut…and without a doubt my gear has got to be bunk…I have noticed no physical differences in my physique apart from loss of water and some size due to coming of the test e and deca and making changes to my diet…not from the tren…I’ve gone weaker in the gym…I’m feeling flat…not much pump and having no sides atall no tren cough even after nipping a vein…no night sweats, trouble sleeping appetite loss aggression etc etc…I’m. Worried now that because the tren is bunk my progress from the test deca is going to be completely wasted…I am due to get some more hopefuly tomorrow off a different source