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First Tren cycle

this is my first post and I had a couple questions about a cycle i am planning on taking here in the near future. My prior use consists of 3 different pro hormones (all quad stacks) spread out over about a 3 year span. I had the outlook that they were legal (for the time being) and were a safer alternative to steroids.

Now I am realizing how untrustworthy of a product most of these really are; considering most of them are just random ingredients stacked together. Anyway, I am going to start a cycle of Tren with testosterone but I want to educate myself a little more than what I can pick up from articles on the internet.

From my understanding, Tren ace is good to take for a first cycle because its negative effects more easily leave the body if need be. And stacking the tren with testosterone is something that I am also looking into. Are there different types of test that I should be looking at? I am not sure about the dosing that I should do for either the tren, or the test, but from what I read, most people seem to stack theirs with more sups such as dbol etc.

With this being my first real cycle I want to stick to one at a time, so I can have a common denominator if something goes wrong. Also, for a pct is it common to run just nolva? and is it recommended to run some letrozol while on cycle to prevent estrogen buildup? Thanks for your help

you didn’t mention what was in those prohormones but whatever, as long as they didn’t fuck you up …

for your first injectable cycle stick with test enanthate or cypionate @ 500mg/w for 12 weeks (it’s also cheaper) … if you want more aggresive gains go with 750mg/w

Tren ace will clear your system fast if it’s too harch (if the side effects are too strong, taper it down dont just stop taking it), also you should keep caber on hand just in case (if you go with it anyway) …

i’d advice against using tren for your first cycle but if your determined to use it at least do it right, what kind of compounds you use depends on your goal (which you didn’t mention).

If your plan is to go on a bulking phase, trenbolone and Dianabol stack extreemely well togather. also use longer esters, they cause slightly more water retention (Dianabol will make you puffy anyway)

If you want to do a lean bulk without all the waterweight you could stack the tren with masteron and winstrol. Neither winny or Masteron aromatize, mast uses alot of the aromatizing enzyme so it should keep you estrogen lower (don’t count it as an AI though).

If you want to lose fat and go on a cut you should go with short esters. stackin the tren with masteron and winstrol will give you a very dry hard look if thats what your after. (congrats, short esters are generally 2.5 times more expensive, you could switch esters halfway through the cycle).

For preventive drugs, you could run Nolvadex at 10mg every day to prevent gyno (from estrogen), tren is a progestin and you’ll need to keep your prolacting levels in check if you are sensetive

If your gonna run Dianabol, you’ll need some arimidex to keep estrogen down, it aromatizes like a whore’s cunt after a long shift. If you get gyno symtons don’t nuke it with arimidex, take 40mg of Nolva till the problems are gone and keep going with 10mg (low estrogen will kill your sex drive). Also low estrogen makes prolacting more problematic if your on tren

Tren is gonna shut you down hard man, take 500IU/w of hcg to keep your balls working, then for PCT you could do Nolva or Clomid

PS: if your gonna go with tren, just know you can’t be on tren and have a girlfriend. also be ready for your dick to be hard all day and jumping out of your pants for the silliest things

Thankyou for your fast reply, this was very helpful to me. In response, the pro hormones I took were Raptor to begin with (which was awesome), Testplex 450 (I didn’t see the gains I was expecting), and Mutant plexx which was great but I had the feeling I was getting gyno so I quit (I went to the doctor and he said I was just paranoid), after this I had discontinued the cycle and post cycled correctly. Anyway, I refuse to f*** with pro hormones anymore due to the fact that the gains just aren’t worth the possible risks involved. Anyway, I am standing at 220 lbs, 6ft 3 with a fairly low body fat percentage (not exactly sure), and I have been lifting heavy for around 4 years now, and am 22 years old. I have a solid build but I am trying to get a little bigger but also achieve a shredded look, which is why I chose Tren to do my cycle with.

As opposed to a lot of the other new people starting a real cycle, I am very skeptical taking more than one steroid at a time (but I also don’t want to take just test). Relating back to what I had said earlier about me being worried about gyno, what you said about the dbol being easily aromatized really scares me. One of my friends who was pretty knowledgable about the subject informed me to keep some letrozole on hand, and to take it once every few days to prevent the side effects. (I naturally have puffy nips so the whole thing sketches me out a bit). I noticed that the people who take Tren stacked with test tend to take dbol with it regardless. Is there an advantage to doing this versus just taking Tren and test together? (minus the bulking gains you will recieve) Also,I was considering taking some Winstrol instead of the Tren; would I still be able to get the bulking gains as well as the cut look I was looking for? I understand that most people will stack many of these together, but I am not wanting to do so for my first cycle.

I was simply wanting to stack the test with one other sup. Im not saying that I am opposed to stacking all of them together, I just wasn’t sure It was a good idea to do so for a novice steroid user. Also, what are the chances I would see the negative estrogenic side effects from the dbol if I decided to do so?

ok, so I made some changes for my planned upcoming cycle. I was originally looking at trying to incorporate test with some Tren, but I am thinking that it might be a little bit smarter for me to stick with one variable at a time. I am now thinking about running an 8 to 10 week cycle of just test (with this being my first cycle, I figured it would be smarter to keep it as simple as possible). From the research I have compiled, I was thinking of going with some test cypionate versus the prop or enthanate. Would this be a good move for someone in my shoes? Here is what I have laid out for a rough outline.

Test cyp: week 1-10
AI (anastrozole?): week 1-10 (taken every 2 to 3 days)
Post (Nova): 20, 20, 10, 10
In regards to the test, I was thinking of pinning every monday, and thursday; each at a 250mg dose. Does this sound like a better solution to my previous plan above? Also, is anastrozole considered to be a pretty good AI to run on a cycle like this? Thankyou for the help!

Your cycle is good except you’ll want to double the nolva dose for your PCT. So 40/40/20/20. Start PCT 2 weeks after your last pin.

Aromasin or arimidex are both fine choices for your AI. You probably wouldn’t notice a difference between the two.

ok that sounds good, in regards to the AI, would I still be looking at using it between every 2 to 3 days? and is there a standard dosage that one typically uses?

I would use adex at 0.5mg eod