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First Tren Cycle Questions

OK guys this is my first Tren cycle and i need some good advice.
6’2" 240lbs 16%BF
training for 7yrs
clean diet

Ive run a few test combo stack cycles in the past and this will be my first run in with injectable tren (ive run a PH knock off).
right now i have:
30ml Cyp/300mg
20ml Tren A/100mg
Adex and Caber

What do you guys suggest for a good cycle? i want to get some results… i was thinking 600mg/wk Cyp and 200mg/wk Tren A (to start and feel out the sides). I will be pinning the Cyp 2x a wk and the Tren EOD. Should i pin Tren on day one or wait one week for test levels to raise? My PCT will be Clomid with Nolva if needed. Also, what supps should i run along side this cycle?

Run low test high tren. I originally wanted to run something close to what you are proposing. People appear to get great results and less sides using TRT levels of test and high tren. Check out this thread it will answer some of the questions you are going to have.

Use the search function. We are running out of spoons bro.


LOL good one man. OK ill check out the posted article.