First Tren Cycle Planning

I am 22 y/o, 180 lbs at 5’11 with 8% bodyfat.

Have ran 3 cycles in the past-
Test dbol
Test dbol winny
Test dbol deca

The third cycle was a relatively low dosed one though
Test- 375mg for 10 weeks, 450 up to 600 in the last 6
Dbol- 25mg for 4 weeks
Deca- 250mg for 8 weeks, 400mg for 4 weeks

Made the most gains in the last one out of the three.
Went up to 192lbs then lost some and cut a bit back to 180.
Pct was always 20mg Nolva for 5 weeks.
Never used adex, clomid or HCG and neither have faced any problems (gyno, libido, acne, deca dick, etc.)

However, for the tren cycle I do plan to add hcg for pct along with nolva

Proposed cycle:
Weeks 1-4: Anadrol 50mg/day
Weeks 1-10: Test c 200-250mg/week
Weeks 1-10: Tren e 400mg/week
Weeks 10-16: Test c 1000mg/week (if I have some left over test I will extend weeks but not exceed 1g/wk)
Pct: Nolva starting week 19, HCG starting week 16

Calorie intake will go up from 3500 to 4500 daily.
Will add melatonin during cycle for sleep, stop creatine on cycle and add it again duing pct.

Major concerns:
Should I extend my tren duration or dose?
Is it true that as long as my test dosage isnt high, as is the case in my cycle for the first 10weeks, size gains will be suppressed?
Towards the end, should I rather run the test at a lower dose for a greater duration or 1g/ week is fine?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Are you planing on running hcg through pct?

No I plan to stop HCG right before pct.
So it will run 3 weeks in total from the day of last pin.