First Tren Cycle Planning, Advice Needed

Ok firstly let me say this is NOT for me, probably one of the rare instances where I’m not just saying this to avoid being flamed, I only weigh in at 150lbs and have just started perfecting my diet and will be a few years before I consider doing them, however I wanted to at one stage and months of research has led me not too, I want to use my knowledge to help my friend who is clueless though!

My friend is 196lbs, 26 and 5"9. He has previously done a test only cycle of 600mg a week and a second cycle of 600mg test and 400mg deca. He made a very stupid mistake of not running an AI for around 4 weeks and encountered gyno problems, advised him to run letro hard and they hindered his gains, since this however I would rather intervene and plan his cycles for him. He is going to run them despite what myself or others will say so help would be appreciated.

What I’m thinking is this:
Weeks 1-14 1.5mg letro E3D
Weeks 4-14 125mg Test E or P twice weekly (not sure on prop or eth?)
Weeks 4-12 200mg Tren E twice weekly
Weeks 4-12 0.5 Cabergoline E3D Weeks 14-16

Found a great PCT protocol which I cant seem to find at the moment but will be following that and think that has it covered. Opinions on whether HCG should be used also appears conflicting so unsure on whether to include this.

My theory is, as he is probably sensitive to gyno issues low test seems the way to go (He definitely wants to do the tren and wants to run 800mg test but this worries me) and from what ive read people have had great success with this. Running letro as an AI seems like the safest bet to again avoid estrogen issues if hes encountered gyno before.

I also think 400mg tren a week is a good start, I read somewhere it might even be worth running the dosage down once you encounter serious tren sweats, from what I understand its the most powerfull steroid and should be treated carefully. The caber should also keep the prolactin issues away also right?

Never running compounds myself and judging just from research is hard, so any advice is appreciated. I also realise I’m leaving myself open to criticism here on behalf of myself and my friend, but I’m just doing what I can as he is adamant on running tren next.

Digest this please: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong - Pharma - Forums - T Nation

Letro is harsh in that the dose-response is not very predicable. Arimidex/anastrozole is well behaved in that regard.

If E2 goes too low, he will feel like shit.

With 250mg/week testosterone, he might need 2.0 - 2.5 mg anastrozole per week in divided doses. E2 lab work would be useful.
Be aware that a few guys [not rare] are anastrozole over-responders who will need 1/4th of the expected dose.

Over in the TRT forum, you might find the advice for new guys sticky informative:

Weeks 1-4 1.5mg letro E3D
There is no T, you are going to kill him.

Weeks 4-12 0.5 Cabergoline E3D Weeks 14-16
Might need to extend this past tren washout interval.