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First Tren Cycle, Help


About to run my 3rd cycle, my first with TREN. 6ft7 / 200cm, 252lbs B/F (should be more acceptable after this cycle hopefully)not sure. Would probably have ran a shorter ester test to match the tren but I got loads of TEST E left so this is what i'm running and i didn't want to run TREN-E the first time on it.

Goals: Good lean gains (obvious) drop some BF%

Weeks 1-8 - Test E/750/wk
Weeks 5-10 Tren A 140mg/EOD 1.4 mlEOD
Weeks 1-4 Winny 50mg/ED
Weeks 7-10 - Winny 50mg/ED Armidex .5mg EOD (possible)
Weeks 1 -10 Proviron 50mg ED

Run nolva 20 mg / day if needed / Arimdex at .5mg on hand
Weeks13: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 14: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 15: Nolvadex 20Mg/day
week 16: Nolvadex 20Mg/day

Just wanted to know what you guys thought about the levels test to tren and the inclusion of the proviron?



Why did you start another thread?

Run less test the first time you're running tren like we discussed in your other thread.

Also, Bonez already told you to pin the tren ED.

Arimidex "on hand" does little good, take it during the cycle.

I'm sure somebody will chime in and tell you to get some Caber or Prami for the "tren prolactin gyno" - do some research and make the decision on that.